Milo Yiannopolous

New Fascists Cause ANOTHER Milo Cancelation, Impede Free Speech AGAIN

Now that the democrats have fallen from grace in the national political scene, they are growing desperate to cling to whatever authority they can.

In this new age of American conservatism, many of these lunatic liberal believe that the nation is losing some of its essential character, and they are willing to forego the freedoms guaranteed to us in the Constitution simply to “resist” the fairly elected President who happens to be from the other side of the aisle.  Of the abhorrent behavior being displayed by the left, perhaps none is as egregious or as harmful as their New Fascist movement and what that means for free speech in our country.

It all began back in February when gay conservative figure Milo Yiannopolous was scheduled to speak at the campus of UC Berkeley.  President Trump had been inaugurated barely a month earlier, and the nation’s liberal population was still seething, foaming at the teeth with anger over the humiliating defeat of their “inevitable” candidate.  When campus democrats got word that Yiannopolous was coming to campus they deemed the conservative author and former Breitbart editor unworthy of sharing his opinions.  So, like so many leftists before them, these Berkeley twerps eschewed the constraints of a civilized society and rioted, causing thousands upon thousands of dollars in damager to their campus and the surrounding municipality.

Milo’s speech was canceled.

Months later when fellow conservative pundit Ann Coulter was scheduled to appear at UC Berkeley, the university simply canceled the speech weeks in advance.  Yet another victory for the New Fascist liberals.

Now, as Milo continues to eek out living via speaking tours and book signings, he is again facing aggravated liberals who are forcing their ideology of censorship on businesses far and wide.

“Former Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ ‘Coming Out Conservative’ event has been canceled by a restaurant following left-wing protests, prompting a change of venue.

“The Jue Lan Club in Manhattan, New York, chose to cancel the event following threats of boycotts from left-wing activists.

“’Across the country, gay conservatives have been warned that they are not welcomed at Pride this year. Angry, bitter leftists have seized control over the celebration and made it a political statement against President Trump,’ claimed the invitations for the event. ‘In honor of my new book DANGEROUS, I am throwing a party for the outcasts, the rebels, the gay conservatives who speak, think, and live free of liberal demands. Join me for complimentary cocktails, and hors d’oeuvres. Come celebrate all the things that make us different and DANGEROUS to politically correct gay liberals.’

“A post on MILO News condemned the restaurant for its willingness to cancel under pressure.

“’It is darkly humorous that a restaurant that inhabits the same space as a club as wild as the Limelight now allows itself to be controlled by leftist killjoys who are intent on shutting down gays that don’t agree with them,’ proclaimed the post. ‘The Jue Lan Club chose to buckle under to leftists, which never works in the long run because leftists are never satisfied. Unfortunately for Jue Lan, at some point, the same leftists that threatened to boycott them over MILO‘s Coming Out Conservative event will decide that white guys running a Chinese restaurant is disgusting cultural appropriation and boycott them anyways.’”

This sort of oppression of our constitutional rights has forever been the biggest threat to the American dream.

Without our First Amendment, there are no other rights in America.  When we allow one increasingly violent group of Americans – call them liberals, New Fascists, or democrats – to mitigate our rights with aggression and hatred, we lose part of our very being that is intrinsically American.


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