New Evidence that the Obama Administration LIED about the Iranian Ransom!

First reported two weeks ago was that at the same time four detained Americans were released by the terrorist state $400 Million dollars were secretly shipped by the American Government to Iran seemingly as a ransom for the release of American prisoners the same day as the cash arrived in the terrorist regime. Of course when asked about the “coincidence” of the timing the administration vehemently denied that the $400 million was a ransom.

On Wednesday the Wall Street Journal published newly discovered details about the money delivery/prisoner release that indicates the Obama administration is lying about the $400 million not being a ransom.

According to the Journal the movement of the wooden pallets stacked with euros, Swiss francs and other currencies was part of “a tightly scripted exchange specifically timed to the release of several American prisoners held in Iran.”

Speaking to U.S. officials and others who know about the operation the WSJ learned

U.S. officials wouldn’t let Iranians take control of the money until a Swiss Air Force plane carrying three freed Americans departed from Tehran on Jan. 17. Once that happened, an Iranian cargo plane was allowed to bring the cash home from a Geneva airport that day.


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