Brett Kavanaugh

New Dem Position: An Innocent Kavanaugh Should Still Withdraw

I’m not sure that modern democrats have even the slightest grasp on what “sportsmanship” is, or how it relates to the concept of dignity.

The class of a man or woman, and their place within the public sphere of judgement, comes often from their public temperament.  We don’t look for leaders who are impulsive and wavering in their viewpoints, nor do we rely on those who refuse to adhere to our rule of law.

Earlier today we pontificated about Corey Booker and his decision that the court of public opinion has already ruled on Kavanaugh, and his belief that opposing the judge’s nomination should occur whether he’s guilty or not.

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As it turns out, this could be a coordinated pivot by the liberal left in order to soften their reliance on the ongoing FBI investigation into the allegations against Kavanaugh…especially as other democrats are publicly calling to put the truth aside and rescind Kavanaugh’s nomination regardless of reality.

Former National Security Agency (NSA) director Gen. Michael Hayden (Ret.) on Wednesday weighed in on the Brett Kavanaugh saga and said even if the Supreme Court nominee is innocent of the sexual assault allegations, he should remove his name from consideration.

“Maybe the best course of action, in this case, is to not follow this course of action.’”

He continued, “And when you look at Judge Kavanaugh and how he’s responded to the charges — and John, I am not talking about perjury or anything like that here, I am just talking about we never saw a full-throated, ‘You know, I was probably really stupid in high school and I was probably really stupid in college, but I’m not stupid anymore.’ We’ve never seen that. What we’ve seen is what a military mind, eye, would call quibbling over notes in a yearbook or what did or did not happen at a party. So, this may be the case where the best course for America is just to reboot. Now the sadness is, that’s a great personal tragedy for Brett Kavanaugh and his family, but it also might be the best course of action for the greater good for the nation.”

Once again we have the left moving the goalposts.  First, they needed testimony from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, and then they needed an FBI investigation.  Now, they are simply requiring that Brett Kavanaugh step aside…which was likely their plan all along.

This isn’t “winning” or even “playing the game”.  This isn’t even “poor sportsmanship”…this is no sportsmanship at all, and for many Americans the inability to play by the rules is a disqualifying characteristic for public service.

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