New Civil War

New Civil War Reaches NYC, Trump Supporter Savagely Brutalized in Bar

The American political left’s brutal radicalization was on display once again, as a supporter of the U.S. President was targeted and beaten in New York City.

From the moment that Donald Trump embarrassed the doomed democrats in early November, liberal America has been on an increasingly perilous path toward complete anarchy.  Not only are the congressional democrats completely ignoring their duty to the American people, but average leftist citizens have been compelled to much more sinister actions in the ensuing months.  There have been a number of reports of violence targeted at U.S. conservatives in recent weeks, but the shooting of several republican targets at a baseball field in Virginia in June ushered in a completely new era of political dismay.

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James T. Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders campaign worker and member of several liberal hate groups on social media, fell victim to the democrats’ vitriol, finally being pushed over the edge in the days following CNN personality Kathy Griffin’s call to arms:  A photoshoot in which the washed-up comedienne was seen galavanting about with a photo-realistic severed head of the President.  The ISIS-inspired shoot was the zenith of a liberal campaign to normalize the assassination of Trump and the republicans…something that Hodgkinson very literally attempted.

Those first shots in the liberal New Civil War are now a month behind us, but the battles continue to rage.  The latest spat of democratic violence comes to us from the liberal stronghold of New York City, unsurprisingly.

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“Activist Jovi Val was at Mehanata bar in Manhattan after attending a pro-Trump event Friday night.

“While he was on the dance floor, Val’s ‘Make America Great Again’ hat fell on the floor. Before he could pick it up, bar patron Emma Rodriguez allegedly stomped on it, prompting Val to ask her to stop. According to Rebel Media, Val also ‘”gently” placed his hand on her shoulder to move her away.’

“Rodriguez’s boyfriend, Leo Heinart, then allegedly hit Val from behind with a beer bottle. Both Rodriguez and Heinart continued to hit Val as he lay bleeding on the dance floor, witnesses said.

“Rodriguez and Heinert were both arrested and charged with felony assault.”

This has become the new norm in the liberals’ vision for America, with victims such as Val scattered throughout our great nation.

The unconventional nature of Donald Trump, specifically his use of Twitter to bypass the media and give Americans his most raw take on political culture, has absolutely incensed the left.  Where they once could bolster their own meekness with help from the mainstream media, Trump can now outpace them.  There is no filter separating the Oval Office from the masses, and that has left the liberally-controlled media in a state of apparent listlessness.  This, in turn, has created a monster within the liberal ranks, where their bastions of spin are no longer able to coddle the democrats into complacent decorum.

Now, in this modern world of liberal brutality, we must remain steadfast and vigilant lest we wish for a future in which totalitarian progressive politicos run the nation.

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