Could New Bill Prevent Unvaccinated Americans From Getting Jobs?

The federal government has long been in the business of interfering with Americans’ personal lives, and a new bill could bring that overreach directly to your doctor’s office.

A hotbed of discussion has sprung up around the practice of preventative vaccination in America in recent years.  While some of the arguments regarding its validity or superfluous nature are pretty far out there, (as with anything that Hollywood celebrities attempt to convince us of), the bigger question that needs to be raised is whether or not the federal government should be involved at all.

When it comes to what Americans choose to put into their bodies, there are a few camps of thought.  One particularly free theory is that human beings should be allowed to do whatever they wish with their physical being, so long as those choices don’t cause undue harm to any other person.  This would include vaccines, obviously, but also narcotics, bizarre and unregulated foods, and hipster body modifications.

On the opposite end of that spectrum are those who believe that the government is the most effective regulatory system on the planet, and everything that you eat, drink, smoke, snort, inject, or adorn yourself with should fall under the purview of Washington D.C.

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Now, one piece of legislation is looking to move vaccines further into that second category, and it could use your employment as leverage.

“North Carolina Congresswoman Virginia Foxx, a Republican, has introduced new legislation that, taken to its logical end, might eventually provision for employers to force their employees to be vaccinated under the guise of ‘wellness.’

“House Resolution 1313, known as the ‘Preserving Employee Wellness Programs Act,’ contains certain provisions for “disease prevention” that, should employees refuse them, might end up costing them their jobs. That, or employees could face penalties in the form of ostracization or even higher insurance rates.

“Based on the legislation’s open-ended language, employees could one day be refused the option of rejecting whatever their employers decide is appropriate for wellness and disease prevention, including government-recommended vaccines.

“While an employee could petition his or her employer for a ‘reasonable alternative standard,’ according to the bill, the Public Health Service Act is what actually defines this terminology — and this legal definition leaves wide open the possibility for employers to force their employees to abide by vaccination requirements set forth by the government.

“’The concern is this bill if passed into law would be applied to penalize employees who do not get regular vaccines imposed by an employee wellness plan,’ warns Health Impact News.

“You can read the full text of H.R. 1313 at”

While the effects of poor food handling and illegal drugs are well known and studied to the umpteenth degree, many believe that vaccines are falling victim to governmental tampering by the Big Pharmaceutical lobby, and that the dangers inherent in their widespread use are not well enough understood to consider them wholly safe.  At the same time, proponents of governmentally required vaccines have concerns about people, specifically children, being susceptible to diseases that have been virtually eradicated through the widespread vaccinations against them.

Whichever side of the fence that you fall on in regard to vaccines, Congresswoman Foxx’s bill is sure to turn heads as it moves through the legislative process.

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