New Anonymous Video Ties Huma Abedin to 9/11 Funders and Muslim Terrorists!

Huma Abedin has been an important part of Hillary Clinton’s political machine since she was just 20 years old. During that time she has grown into Mrs. Clinton’s most important confidante and a dear enough personal friend to have had Mrs. Clinton call her a “second daughter” at Abedin’s wedding to disgraced Democrat politician Anthony Weiner. This connection has caused great concern for many observers over the years for various and sundry reasons, from worries of corruption at the Clinton Foundation, to terrorism ties through Abedin’s parents, Saudi Arabia, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Most of the connections have been scoffed at over the years as the delusions of the perennially conspiratorial, but still the doubts lingered. The circumstantial evidence is all there, Abedin’s ties to Saudi Arabia, her work for terror-connected agencies, her close family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, Abedin herself has worked for (and her mother and brother still work for) an Islamic journal that routinely supports suppression of women’s rights and violent Sharia law as the ultimate authority.

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However, the very thing that worries many of the dubious most, Abedin’s entrenchment in Hillary Clinton’s inner circle, has also protected her from any serious inquiries into her background. Thankfully, that veil of cover may now be falling thanks to the recent discovery that Abedin had been hiding hundreds of thousands of Clinton emails from the FBI.

In an effort to unmask Abedin for the dangerous figure that she really is, the hacker collective known as Anonymous has produced and released a video detailing the information that is floating out there on the Internet about Abedin’s hazardous connections.

In their video, Anonymous traces the connections between Huma Abedin to Saudi Arabai and the terrorist organizations that carried out the attacks on America on September 11, 2001. Watch, Learn, and then please share with everyone.

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