New Ads Target Vulnerable Democrat Senators to Pressure Support for Judge Neil Gorsuch

The NRA and America Rising PAC have both released new ads that will run in important states where incumbent (and vulnerable) Democrats will soon be running for reelection. The ads are in support of the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court, and they’re intended to apply pressure to vulnerable Democrat Senators who may be considering voting against Gorsuch.

The America Rising ad is entitled “Everybody Knows It,” and it showcases conservatives, liberals, and media members all gushing over Judge Gorsuch and explaining that he is eminently qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice.

The video shows MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell saying that Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings have been a “slam dunk.”

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CNN’s John King adds that Democrats could find no fault with him, “The Democrats have not proved or blemished anything to this judge so far.”

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) is seen praising Gorsuch, “This is a judge who is exceptionally well prepared for the Supreme Court.”

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) saying Gorsuch is as good as it gets, “If Neil Gorsuch isn’t good enough for you, there probably never will be anyone good enough for my Democratic colleagues.”

Multiple CNN and MSNBC reporters are shown praising Gorsuch for his great performance during the hearing and for being a very qualified candidate for the job.

The ad ends with audio of CNN’s Gloria Borger saying that Gorsuch “is obviously qualified for the position, and everyone knows it.”

The America Rising ad is terrific, and is sure to sway voters… but the question is, will it sway Senators?

The newly released NRA ad focuses on our 2nd Amendment rights (of course) and also targets voters in states with vulnerable Democrat Senators.

“Four Supreme Court justices believe you have the right to defend yourselves with a gun. Four do not…”

The ad then cuts to Justice Stephen Breyer arguing that the 2nd Amendment does not mean we have the right to keep a gun next to our bed, after which the NRA argues that while half of the Supreme Court may not believe in a 2nd Amendment right to self-defense “we do.” The ad concludes by saying, “The men and women of the NRA will not let anti-gun elites strip away our rights or our freedom.”

Hopefully, ads like these will stay with swing-state voters in 2018 and help them to pull the lever for conservatives when they go to vote. The Republicans maintain a dominant position in the government today, but 2018 offers an even greater opportunity as Democrats will be forced to defend the vast majority of the seats up for grabs. The reality is that it will be very hard for the GOP to lose ground in 2018, but there is a very real possibility that they could earn a big majority… if they can govern effectively between here and there, an issue that remains in doubt (particularly after the healthcare vote debacle).


Onan Coca

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