#NeverTrump Republicans Try to Shut Up Trump

Joining with Leftists, #NeverTrump Republicans use political correctness to silence concerns about illegal aliens voting.

The Leftist tool of shaming people for suggesting something they don’t want to hear about is also used with glee by #NeverTrump Republicans, especially those associated with the National Review. Recently, Donald Trump addressed the issue of the popular vote on Twitter:

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David French reposted the Tweet with this comment:

French, you may remember, hated Donald Trump and even seriously considered running as an independent to prevent a Trump Presidency. I argued he was essentially campaigning for Hillary Clinton. He has been falsely portraying Donald Trump as just as bad as Hillary Clinton.

Apparently, his hostility has not changed.

There are good reasons for fearing that illegal aliens voted for Hillary Clinton. As Dave Jolly wrote on this blog,

I wrote several posts in the months prior to the election about liberally run states like California and Oregon, who have passed laws that allow illegal aliens and non-citizens to register to vote simply by applying for a driver’s license or just renewing an existing license. In California, it’s now an automatic process. Whenever anyone obtains a valid state driver’s license or renews an existing license, they automatically are registered to vote. The danger of this type of liberal law allow illegal aliens and foreign nationals to obtain valid state driver’s licenses, thus automatically registering them to vote, even though they are not legally allowed to vote.

I’ve contended that this was the primary motive behind Barack Obama’s illegal changes to federal immigration laws in allowing nearly 20 million illegals to remain in the country without fear of being deported just so many could vote in this year’s election. His administration has even set tens of thousands of illegals with felony convictions free to walk the streets of America and obtain a driver’s license and vote. That’s why on August 9, I posted an article asking ‘Will voter fraud see Hillary elected, just like it elected Obama?

Dave provides more evidence in his post. Donald Trump appears to be aware of the reasons for suspecting that the popular votes are tainted with non-citizen votes.

What is wrong with putting the argument on Twitter in his own defense? David French acts like the very claim is out of bounds. It is “nonsense.”

Why? Where has National Review shown us that non-citizens are prohibited from voting is all national elections? If French thinks it is nonsense to believe that illegal immigrants in California voted for Hillary, then he should argue the point. But, as it stands, if people are capable of getting away with breaking the law, then why assume that they didn’t?

It doesn’t make sense to claim that people who broke the law by coming here would obey the law and not vote.

I wonder if French thinks that everything that Judge Andrew Napolitano says below is a “stream of nonsense” that will “damage our political culture.”

On the contrary, I think using politically correct speech codes to prevent people from considering the possibility of illegal voting is much more damaging!

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