#NeverTrump Delegates Say They’re Being Bullied [VIDEO]

No one is as self-righteous or as helpful to the Hillary Clinton campaign as #NeverTrump delegates!

Listen to the #NeverTrump delegates whine about being bullied:

This makes me want to throw up. These people are openly working to steal an election and nullify record numbers of votes in the 2016 Republican primary. And yet they whine that, in the midst of this monstrous crime, they are being bullied.

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Boo hoo!

Remember what Pat Buchanan wrote back in April:

Republican elites are engaged in a conspiracy to frustrate and overturn the democratic decision of the Republican electorate.

Prediction: If Trump sweeps the remaining major primaries, comes to Cleveland with millions more votes than any other candidate, and then has the nomination stolen from him, the Grand Old Party will be committing hara-kiri on worldwide TV.

This political race ranks among the most exciting in American history. Seventeen Republicans entered the lists last summer in what party officials hailed as “the strongest Republican field since 1980.”

Then Trump came down the escalator, took them on, and bested them all. Can Republican Party elites think they will be celebrated if they substitute their wants for the will of the voters?

Here’s the thing: Buchanan wrote that back when Donald Trump had not yet clinched the number of delegates that was supposed to give the candidate the nomination. He was talking about the possibility that Cruz would take enough delegates in the primary to create an open convention.

Buchanan argues (persuasively, in my opinion) that such tactics to prevent Donald Trump from getting the nomination would be Republican Party suicide.

So how much more deadly would it be to the GOP to give the nomination to someone else after Trump won the required number of delegates and all other candidates dropped out?

People say that Trump can’t beat Hillary but there would be even less chance of anyone else beating Hillary after outraging so many GOP voters.

The National Review and the rest of the Trump haters will give us President Hillary and saddle the next generation with a liberal Supreme Court. These #NeverTrump delegates are essentially working for a Democrat victory. The fact that there is a concerted campaign for the #NeverTrump delegates to recruit others means that someone is financing the movement.

Someone is worried Trump will win and is spending money to help Hillary!

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