Mainstream Media Protects Planned Parenthood during the DNC

Cecile Richards took the stage at the DNC in Philadelphia and proudly touted Planned Parenthood. She preached the typical mantra of how great Planned Parenthood was and how Republicans are trying to defund it. If you weren’t watching C-SPAN you would of noticed Networks including MSNBC not showing the speech. 

Why is that? In past years especially MSNBC would be playing this loud and proud. It tells you how truly Planned Parenthood is vulnerable. Planned Parenthood should be run out of business and Cecile Richards and countless other top Planned Parenthood executives should be behind bars. The Networks may pretend that there’s nothing to see with the undercover video investigation and that things are back to normal but they are not. They understand there’s a serious disturbance in the force and it’s not going away.

If the networks are scared to show Cecile Richards speak at the DNC, they realize there’s potential for the tide to change. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of evidence for that tide to change based on what’s taking place.  The rule of law has been undermined in every way and weak Republicans are unwilling to fight Planned  Parenthood. They may throw up symbolic amendments and propose bills that condemn Planned Parenthood but they know that it will go nowhere. They have no desire to prosecute Planned Parenthood. There’s also too many Republican Establishment governors who won’t go after Planned Parenthood and bring them to justice in their own back yard.

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Too many times us in the cheap seats like to complain but I think we need to continue to press our local officials and Governors to prosecute Planned Parenthood and continue to expose them. We need more of us willing to be citizen journalists like David Daleiden who’s willing to go to prison for what he believes. We need more pastors from the pulpit who speak  out against Planned Parenthood and put elected official’s feet to the fire to bring them to justice.  

The networks won’t show Planned Parenthood being represented at the DNC because they know that Planned Parenthood is a liability to them. Don’t give up the fight continue to push public officials to bring Planned Parenthood which is a criminal organization to justice.

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