How Neo-Nazis and the KKK are Working to Deliver Victory to Hillary Clinton

The Left has based nearly its entire campaign this year on its ability to paint Donald Trump as a racist, misogynist and nascent totalitarian dictator, with allegations of tax cheating thrown in for good measure.

Hillary Clinton and her water carriers have to rely on bad-mouthing Trump because if the media spent any time shining light on Hillary’s career, America might see the cockroaches as they scurried for cover. That’s already happening to some extent just through sheer force, via the tidal volume of leaked emails detailing every dirty deed, hateful word or crappy attitude of the Democratic candidate and her top employees.

Let’s face it, when the FBI is looking into your Girl Friday’s emails because they think she — with your knowledge, if not your help — was downloading classified info to a Yahoo email account, including details on drone operations, what else are you going to do to rally your zombie faithful and try to trick the rest of America into voting for you except try to make your opponent look like a horny Hitler?

It’s not like an apology can cover possible espionage.

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One accusation against Trump that particularly rankles — not because it’s believable but just because the Left keeps bringing it up — is the alleged “endorsement” of Trump by the KKK. Trump has repudiated the Klan multiple times at this point, but leftist reporters keep asking about it for some “unfathomable” reason — wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

If you Google it, there are plenty of stories about various Klan leaders saying Donald is their guy, and there are plenty of news outlets and leftist blogs that have run with the idea. It tickles their fancy and flatters the Left’s mythology about itself as a species of intelligent, enlightened beings. The implication is obvious, that if the KKK endorses Trump, then every Trump supporter must be a closet KKK member, or at least sympathetic, ergo Trump supporters are racist troglodytes — a “basket of deplorables.”

I have a thought about this whole KKK endorsement thing. It’s inspired by recognition of leftists’ propensity for doing things like committing vandalism, hate crimes, assaults and so forth, then trying to make it look like those crimes were done by conservatives. (The recent burning of a black church that was spray painted with Trump slogans is a current candidate for such a fake out.)

You have to remember that the KKK is two things: racist and founded by Democrats. That’s just historical fact, and all the baloney about the parties “switching sides” (without any voter registration evidence to support the claim) has never held any water. The Democratic Party is the party that brought America the Trail of Tears, slavery, Jim Crow laws, segregation and all the policies that keep poor black Americans in poverty, reliant on the government. It’s also the party that supported eugenics and abortion, but opposed women’s right to vote.

The party to this day operates by dividing Americans by skin color, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender and sexual proclivities.

Which all should raise a red flag at any suggestion that the Klan, that most racist and divisive of social groups, is throwing its support to the GOP. Not that there aren’t Republicans with racist tendencies, it’s just not the norm for the party of Lincoln, which is well stocked with people who actually believe funny ideas like “all men are created equal.” The Nazis similarly are “backing” Trump.

What people forget, because it was not covered at the time by the liberal media, is that in 2008, David Duke, the politician, radio host and former Klansman, “endorsed” Barack Obama. In an interview before that election with NPR, the following exchange took place (emphasis mine):

NPR: “And so, what do you call yourself? You’re not a white supremacist. You call yourself a white-rights activist, or what?”

Duke: “I would say it’s a flip side of Barack Obama. … There is nothing wrong with Barack Obama working and having a long career advancing what he sees as the black community interests or the black perceived interests as a group, collective interest, but I did see it as kind of odd that a man of that stripe would become president of the United States. It seems like — I think I should endorse him for president.

In the interview, Duke then goes on to praise Obama’s obtaining a Harvard education despite the (mostly) absence of his father, after which he criticizes both Obama and McCain for supporting Affirmative Action.

Other white supremacists also endorsed Barack Obama, according to a June 13, 2008, article in Esquire.

Tom Metzger said, “The corporations are running things now, so it’s not going to make much difference who’s in there, but McCain would be much worse. He’s a warmonger. He’s a scary, scary person — more dangerous than Bush. Obama, according to his book, Dreams Of My Father, is a racist and I have no problem with black racists. … I hate the transnational corporations far more than any black person.”

Erich Gliebe said, “Obama might be a better candidate for our cause because he’s racially conscious. One of our big things in the National Alliance is to raise the racial consciousness of our people. … He’s a very intelligent man, an excellent speaker and has charisma. John McCain offers none of that.”

Rocky Suhayda said, “White people are faced with either a negro or a total nutter who happens to have a pale face. Personally I’d prefer the negro. National Socialists are not mindless haters. … Any time that a prominent person embraces their racial heritage in a positive manner, it’s good for all racially minded folks.”

Hmm. White supremacists “endorsing” a black man for president? It makes sense, if they were using their negative reputations to herd voters toward the white candidate. On the other hand, that doesn’t seem to fit with the historic Democratic affiliation of white supremacist groups — unless you realize that before Barack Obama became the Democrats’ 2008 presidential nominee, he was in a heated race with none other than Hillary Clinton.

Also recall that Hillary ran an extremely racial campaign against Obama. It was her campaign that started the rumors about Obama not being born in the United States. Some have also connected Hillary to the first rumors about Obama being Muslim. Her campaign definitely encouraged those rumors.

In March 2007, Clinton strategist Mark Penn wrote a campaign memo about strategies to use against Obama. He wrote, “His roots to basic American values and culture are at best limited. I cannot imagine America electing a president during a time of war who is not at his center fundamentally American in his thinking and in his values. … Every speech should contain the line you were born in the middle of America to the middle class in the middle of the last century. … Let’s explicitly own ‘American’ in our programs, the speeches and the values. He doesn’t.”

Her campaign also floated a trial balloon about Obama’s drug use, suggesting to reporters it would be used by Republicans against Obama. Clinton a couple of days later “apologized” for her employee’s comments, but Obama did not accept the apology — he knew the real score. The Clinton campaign was also the source for the famous photo of Obama in Muslim garb that appeared first at the Drudge Report.

So here’s my thought. Despite the Left’s current meme that Trump is racist and attracting people from the KKK and the Nazi Party, I think the real deal is that the KKK and the Nazis are working for Hillary.

Think about it for a moment. We know from her 2008 campaign that she has demonstrated racist inclinations. Anecdotes from former body guards and people who have worked for or been associated with her indicate that in private she is a foul-mouthed, bigoted witch who once called handicapped children “retards,” referred to an aide as a “f***ing Jew bastard” and called Jesse Jackson a “n****r” behind his back.

Her husband, just a few years before becoming president, was sued several times as governor of Arkansas for violations of the Voting Rights Act, in one case trying to replace a lawfully elected black representative with a white man of his choosing. Between Bill and Hillary, the racism is well-documented.

So, if the KKK and Nazis backed Hillary, it’s entirely conceivable and in keeping with her character that she would deploy them against her enemy Barack Obama after losing the nomination, urging them to “endorse” Obama, relying on Americans’ revulsion to drive voters to McCain.

It’s similar to the tactic her campaign has been using by hiring the mentally ill to cause violent disturbances at Trump events, then blaming Trump for them. Except this time, she’s sending the KKK, then blaming Trump for the KKK hanging around him.

Historically, the KKK and Nazi Party have ties to the Democrats. Logically, they would both have better chances to thrive in the criminal, racially divided environment that the Clintons will bring in with them.

Obama, as he has done throughout his career, is playing the part of useful idiot, warning voters of Trump’s alleged connection to the same racists who “endorsed” him back in 2008.  Maybe this year will see the same results, the guy the racists are “backing” will wind up being the winner, and Hillary will go home empty-handed once again.

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