We Need Visionaries on Capitol Hill

Kiddar Capital CEO Todd Hitt recently appeared on Fox Business with Stuart Varney to give his take on what is happening in Washington, D.C. and why it is that America needs “visionaries” now more than ever before.

Hitt focused on the need for innovation in education and the job market, reminding Varney that we need more workers and most of the jobs that need to be filled don’t necessarily require a college degree.

There’s no wage growth but college debt is higher than ever before… the problem is worrisome and it needs solving.

It is an acute problem.

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And right now the largest construction companies in America are turning away hundreds of millions worth of work per company. Billions of dollars.

Because they can’t fulfill.

There is a lack of mobility right now in our workforce. We talk right now about liquidity in our marketplace for money. We have a lack of liquidity in our workforce right now.

They are not mobile, they are not moving from middle America.

We have no wage growth in middle America. Stats showing after 18 years they are making not one dollar more. They are stuck in middle America right now. There are no training programs. There is a lack of training programs in place right now.

We need visionaries out there –really from Capitol Hill– to focus on something like the GI Bill for middle America. Not the coasts. Not the people who are already upwardly mobile. We’ve got to rebuild the American dream…

K-12, and beyond that. We need a program to rebuild for, not just construction companies, but the new economy that is going to be coming. And we are going to be leading the way on that — automation, logistics, digitizing construction… at all levels, from entry level jobs where you’re actually hanging steel, handling information on site, all the way to managing a $450 million dollar construction job…

We need real job matching. Enter your data, enter your certifications, enter your salary requirements, everything you can do. Match up with something. Technology can do this for us.

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