BREAKING: This 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling May Eliminate NC’s Bathroom Bill

For one young woman, who prefers to be called a Gavin, the ruling was good news. She will now be allowed to use the boy’s restroom and locker rooms at her Virginia high school. This is based on the false assumption that we are what we think we are, and nothing else can be said about the issue.  Glad she did not decide she was a cow.

The Washington Times reported

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The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals tore a hole in North Carolina’s bathroom bill Tuesday, ruling in a separate Virginia case that public school students have a right to use the facilities of their self-identified gender, not necessarily their biological sex.

Since North Carolina is one of the states in the 4th Circuit, it is assumed that they will be forced by the federal government into complying with the ruling. And that is exactly what Gov. Pat McCrory has said he will do, at least on the issue of public schools.

The Times continues

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory on Tuesday said he will respect the federal court ruling that applies directly to public schools while attorneys for the state figure out the details.

But, it does not seem that the fight in Virginia is over yet.

NBC News reports

The ruling came from a three-judge panel of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, finding that the board violated Title IX, the provision of federal law that bars sex discrimination. The board says it will appeal to the full appeals court.

“The Board understands that the claims were sent back to the district court for further consideration and that no injunction was granted by the court. After considering the opinions of the 4th Circuit panel, it is the school boards’ unanimous decision to file a petition for an en banc hearing with the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals,” read a board issued statement.

So why is McCrory so quick to roll over? The same reason that all our states have on the sodomy issue: they are slaves to the federal dollars doled out every year. The gift of federal money is a stick with which the federal government has kept the states in line.

And until we break the crack-like addiction, we will never have true representation for the people of any state.

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