North Carolina Set to Repeal HB2 After Threat from NCAA


North Carolina’s HB2, a law that protects the privacy and safety of people using a restroom in the Tar Heel State, appears to be headed into the history books.

The NCAA, college sports’ governing body, had earlier issued a nasty ultimatum to North Carolina:  Repeal HB2 within 48 hours, or forfeit your ability to host any NCAA championships until at least 2022.  While they deny that the threat had any influence on their decision, GOP lawmakers in the state are poised and prepared to cave into the demands of the dodgy NCAA anyway.

“At a hastily called news conference, NC GOP leaders said Tuesday evening that they had an agreement in principle with a proposal made by Gov. Roy Cooper over House Bill 2.

“In a stunning development, they then accused Cooper of denying making such a proposal.

“‘He made a proposal,’ Senate Leader Phil Berger said. ‘We’ve been in discussion with our folks, and with the governor’s people and with some folks in the business community.’

Republicans called a news conference Tuesday night to make a ‘major announcement’ over HB2.

“Berger said it was a four-point plan and that Republicans were prepared to agree to those points.”

The repeal of HB2 will also include verbiage to allow for municipalities to provide their own ordinances governing the use of bathrooms at the local level.

The NCAA’s vehement opposition to HB2 is a strange and unwarranted foray into the worlds of politics and gender identity issues for an organization whose sole purpose is the regulation of collegiate level sports.  While they could, and should be addressing the issue of non-players profiting from the likenesses of student-athletes, the NCAA is instead diving into the world of personal liberty.


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