NCAA Extortion Complete: North Carolina Will Once Again Be Able to Host Events


The University of North Carolina men’s basketball team may have won big in the NCAA tournament last night, but the Tar Heel State has suffered from a devastating buzzer beater.

UNC was able to fend off perennial giant-killer Gonzaga during last night’s March Madness finale, with a score of 71 to 65 in the NCAA Men’s Basketball championship, crowing the Tar Heels as national champs for the 6th time in school history.  The bigger story, however, may have occurred in a fight between the traditionally conservative state and the notoriously liberal NCAA, who was busy extorting North Carolina legislators during their team’s impressive fight to the top.

North Carolina was one of the first states to react to former President Barack Obama’s ludicrous decree that public restrooms should become gender neutral; an idea that was both dangerous and unnatural.  The state enacted the legislation known as HB2 that required people in the state to utilize only the restroom that coincided with their true biological identity, and not whatever they had decided to “identify” as on any particular day.  The purpose of the bill was to protect women and young people from sexual predators who were actively looking to use the Obama decree to quench their thirst for perversion.

HB2 had its fair share of detractors on the left, as millennials lined up to jump on the latest, trendy Obama cause.  This undue pressure from the progressive sheep, herded by their presidential shepherd, created an environment in which certain organizations felt it prudent to punish North Carolina for exercising their state’s rights, with the NCAA being one of the most egregious of the meddling groups.

Last week, college sports’ governing authorities issued an unwarranted ultimatum to North Carolina; repeal HB2 or be denied hosting possibilities for NCAA championships until at least the third decade of the 21st century.  North Carolina was forced to comply.

“The NCAA will allow games to be played in North Carolina after the state repealed and replaced its controversial bathroom bill.

“The NCAA Board of Governors said in a statement Tuesday morning that the legislation passed is ‘far from perfect,’ but championship events will return to the state.

“‘In the end, a majority on the NCAA Board of Governors reluctantly voted to allow consideration of championship bids in North Carolina by our committees that are presently meeting. The NCAA championships previously awarded to North Carolina for 2017-18 will remain in the state,’ the statement reads.”

The addition of the word “reluctantly” to the official statement from the organization is not only petty, but condescending to the people of the Tar Heel State.  Not only has their team proven themselves more than worthy of the NCAA’s highest honor, they are also owed a great deal of respect for competing in a tournament officiated and held by their extortionists.


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