NC Teacher May Lose Job For Stomping American Flag

There has been a lot of controversy concerning the treatment of the American flag. This is not anything new. Over the last several decades, the flag has been leftists’ favorite target for stomping, defecating, and burning. This has been the case at the private university Hampshire.

Though I believe that those who commit such acts are childish subversives that lack the intelligence to express their disdain for our country, I do not believe in restricting actions to save my own feelings. Regardless how angry I might get over these actions, I do believe that the Constitution protects such expression.

What about in the case of a government worker. Can the employee of a state desecrate the American flag while performing his/her duty? It seems that they cannot.

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Breitbart reports

A North Carolina school board has upheld the ten-day suspension without pay of a high school teacher who stomped on the American flag as part of a lesson on the First Amendment.

The Cumberland County Board of Education voted 5-2 Wednesday to uphold the suspension recommended by Superintendent Frank Till, the Associated Press reported.

It is up to Till whether Lee Francis returns to the classroom at Massey Hill Classical High School to teach history. Till said he will make his decision after winter break.


Apparently, Mr. Francis was lecturing on the First Amendment and to illustrate he decided that desecrating the flag was a good example of his right to free speech. So, after requesting a lighter or a pair of scissors, Lee threw the flag down and stomped on it in front of the entire class. He has been moved to another part of the school system awaiting this hearing. He may now lose his job.

At best, his actions could be seen to be in bad taste and at worse, he was seeking to affect the views of these children.

Are we really surprised that this would be the case? Is this not what teaching is?

Jesus said: A pupil is not above his teacher; but everyone, after he has been fully trained, will be like his teacher. Luke 6:40

Mr. Lee was seeking to fully train these students to be just like him; a dissident who hates our country.

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