NC Governor Pat McCrory destroys the Rainbow Jihad

Governor Pat McCrory is completely fearless.

While weak Republican Governors are scared to death of the Marxist Media and the Rainbow Jihad, Governor Pat McCrory does not flinch. It’s this type of boldness that drives fear into the heart of the media. Truth awakens the sleeping giant. The voters are now ready for a fight, and Governor Pat McCrory has their back.  They have relied on propaganda for too long. Democrats are counting on weak Republicans who won’t stand with Christ. McCrory is not afraid to take on the Transgender freak show that is hurting our nation. He will not back down from Obama’s flimsy directive. While Republicans on capital hill are scared of Obama, McCrory sees an arrogant weak despot who has no power. Common Sense is his battle cloak, and it’s wiping out the opposition in this election.

Governor Pat McCrory is fighting the Rainbow Jihad and the Marxist left with unapologetic conservative principles.

The Rainbow Jihad has been letting out girly screams about McCrory’s stand against Trans-gendered bathroom hurting the North Carolina economy. Nothing could be further from the truth. McCrory’s conservative principles have created a roaring economy.  Governor Pat McCrory has turned the crony capitalists and the politically connected upside down. He is cleaning house and kicking government to the curb.   You add fiscal responsibility and social conservatism cloaked in common sense, and it exposes the weakness of the Democrats. Let them protest in hysterics over their sacred Trans-gendered bathrooms. Let all the Hollywood scum and pop world cry a river of crocodile tears and boycott North Carolina. While you are having your little snit fit, McCrory will not be backing down and will be ready to fight you till the bitter end.

While DC Republicans are cutting deals and ignoring the social issues, Governor Pat McCrory is defeating democrats.

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We don’t cut deals with Democrats. Social issues are not ignored but championed. You don’t work with Democrats. You work tirelessly to defeat them. We win, they lose.

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