NBC Posts Despicable Hurricane Information Meant to Disparage POTUS

Leave it to the mainstream media to find a way to desperately exploit Hurricane Irma for their own political agenda.

The storm, which should be making landfall in Florida sometime over the next 24hours, was at one point the largest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean.  This monster hurricane’s path of destruction has utterly destroyed islands such as Barbuda, where an estimated 95% of all structures on the island have been rendered uninhabitable.

More damage was done other Caribbean islands and to Cuba, before the storm began soaking up more warm water on its way to the west coast of Florida, gaining strength once again.

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As much of the state of Florida evacuates, save a few foolish stalwarts, the entire nation is glued to their televisions and computer screens, hoping to find a glimmer of hope in an otherwise terrifying countdown.

Not NBC, however.  The liberal mainstream outlet instead decided to use Hurricane Irma’s brutal reality to laugh in the face of President Donald Trump.

“NBC News came under fire on social media on Saturday after making an unsavory observation about Hurricane Irma’s path and properties in Florida that belong to President Donald Trump.

“’Irma locked and loaded towards several Trump properties,’ the tweet read, linking to an NBC news story.

“The story notes that three of Trump’s 12 golf courses in the United States are located in the path of Irma. In addition, the story states that Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in West Palm Beach is also located in the hurricane’s path.

“According to the story, the three properties have been closed, while guests staying at the Trump National Doral have been encouraged to make reservations elsewhere.

“Given that millions of lives are in the path of the very dangerous category 4 hurricane, many on social media found it repulsive that NBC chose to publish such a seemingly politicized tweet and story.”

The response to NBC has been mostly of outrage and disgust, as the network roundly ignored the millions of American lives and homes that are squarely in the path of the already deadly storm.

This is yet another example of the left’s out of control “resistance” to the President, in which every minute piece of bad news that Donald Trump will endure is magnified in a virtual middle finger to the elected Commander in Chief.

America voted for Trump, and Trump won.  He is the President, whether NBC likes it or not.  Furthermore, he is an American property owner who will be adversely affected by this unprecedented disaster, and NBC’s gloating has demonstrated their petty and pathetic attitude toward the entire nation.


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