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NBA Star Sees MAGA Hat in Crowd, Crowd Then Shuns Conservative Fan

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I’m not very old.  At least, I don’t feel very old, but when I have to admit that I remember a time when it wasn’t like this, I start to doubt exactly how long 36 years really is.

I’m talking today about the anti-conservative discrimination that has been allowed to fester in America, where American traditionalists are being treated like second class citizens.  The stereotype of the racist, bigoted, hillbilly Trump supporter in a pickup truck is all over the mainstream media, often recognizable by the left’s ubiquitous use of the iconic red “Make America Great Again” hat as a target for their hate.

Since when is wanting your country to be better a reason for scorn or automatic segregation from the rest of society?  If you don’t want to make America great again, then what do you want?

And this stereotype has transcended American equality, as described in the Constitution.  Now, a MAGA hat will get you kicked out of a bar in New York City legally, and it may even see you harassed by NBA superstar LeBron James.

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In Game 3, superstar LeBron James seemingly dissed a fan of his who had the audacity to wear the iconic “Make America Great Again” hat.

Instead of tossing his towel, which is a typical souvenir for game-goers, to a nearby fan, the Cleveland Cavalier appears to snub the man in the red hat by intentionally tossing the towel just out of his reach. In the video clip that has gone viral, James even appears to fake-out the fan by motioning like he was going to give him the towel. The Trump supporter raises his hands to receive it before James tosses it in the other direction.

This is not entirely surprising given James’ open “resistance” to President Donald Trump and his apparent disdain for Trump supporters. In September, for example, the NBA great suggested Trump voters are ignorant. “I don’t think a lot of people was educated,” he said.

LeBron, buddy, you can’t speak about poor education when your grammar is that abysmal.  It’s “were educated”, not “was”.

I get it, words is hard for some people.  Those people shouldn’t get loud.  Tighten it up, Mr. Not Michael Jordan.

So the left continues to divide us, not only in the political avenues of the nation’s capital, but during our downtime too.  As we sit to watch sports and escape from the tumult of the world around us, we are dragged back down this political path of persecution by the radical and angry left.  Every time.  It didn’t used to be like this.

There was a time when Americans had a lot more respect for one another, before the internet made everyone with an ego some sort of rockstar whose opinion is worthy of instant and mass publication.

But, unfortunately for LeBron James, that was a time when he would have been spanked up and down the court on a regular basis by THE GOAT.



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