LeBron James

NBA Star Joins Political Fray With Publicity Stunt Sneakers in D.C. Game

Americans have wholly rejected the idea of allowing politics to infiltrate their sports, but the nation’s overpaid athletes just haven’t gotten the message.

And it’s not as if We The People haven’t made our feelings abundantly clear, either.  The National Football League is suffering from some of their most damning revenue reports in decades after Americans have virtually abandoned the league.  Tickets sales are absolutely pathetic, the optics of which are obvious when tuning in and gazing upon the thousands of empty seats at any NFL game.

Well, that is, if you tune in at all.  A great many Americans have not been.

The NBA may have felt that they were well insulated against this sort of “inmates running the prison” situation, but thanks to the pompous antics of one LeBron James, that plausible deniability is being tossed out the window.

“LeBron James used a visit to Washington on Sunday to express his continued displeasure at Donald Trump, even though he never mentioned the United States president by name.

“James, 32, took the court wearing one white and one black shoe for the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Washington Wizards in an NBA game in the national capital.

“Both shoes had the word ‘EQUALITY’ stitched in capital letters on the back, and they got the attention he was apparently seeking.

“‘Obviously, we know where we are right now and we know who’s at the helm here,’ the four-times NBA most valuable player told reporters after the game, played barely a mile from the White House.

“‘Equality is all about understanding our rights, understanding what we stand for and how powerful we are as men, and as women, black or white or Hispanic.’

“James, who has often criticised Trump, backed losing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.”

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We will go ahead and make this very clear for those of you in professional sporting front offices:  America would prefer that sports and politics remain distinctly separated from one another, and your inability or unwillingness to guarantee that is going to affect your bottom line.  It’s as simple as that.

There is no longer any excuse for owners, athletes, or administrators to deny the reality of their slipping revenue streams so long as this behavior continues to permeate sporting culture in America. You have been warned time and time again.  Now, the future of your profitability lies in your own actions.

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