NBA Champs Join Anti-Trump “Resistance”, will Boycott White House Visit

The ways in which the liberal fringe of the United States have found to insult our President continues to baffle the rest of the nation.

The so-called “resistance” movement, which has been adopted and propped up by a number of prominent celebrities in recent months, is truly nothing more than a carte blanche excuse to demean anything and everything related to President Trump, the republicans, or America’s conservative backbone.  In reality, it is simply a state of mind in which you don’t believe that the American system is functioning properly, due to Trump’s electoral victory not adhering to your delusional democratic wishes, and you’re going to do everything in your power to annoy and out-shout those who you disagree with.

It’s bratty.  It’s pedantic.  It’s shallow, and it’s stupid.

So, of course, it has found its way into professional sports in America; particularly in the NBA, where a showboat lifestyle and bratty, shallow beefs continue to garner massive ratings for the likely-rigged league.

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“The 2017 NBA Champions Golden State Warriors unanimously decided as a team not to meet Donald Trump in the White House, as is custom for winning teams.

“The Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 129-120 to seal the hard-fought series 4-1.

“It is the second championship for the California team in three years, and the third consecutive NBA finals series between the two teams.

“The college football championship team Clemson Tigers just attended a ceremony with Mr Trump, however the Warriors are not alone in avoiding the White House.

“Several members of the Super Bowl winning New England Patriots also declined to visit earlier this year, some citing political reasons.”

While Donald Trump is the President, and has been for over 120 days at this point, the left refuses to allow any semblance of respect to be shown for the man, the office, or the position.

It is an unfortunate state of affairs in which patriotism has been carved up on bipartisan lines, only applicable to those who are jovial about the outcome of a fair and uncontested election.  In reality, what Americans must stand for, now more than ever, is a united and collaborative sense of well-wishing.  We want the President to succeed because that means America will succeed.

Instead, we are subjected to overpaid athletes throwing hissy fits even after they’ve won all the games that they possibly could.

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