‘Nazis’ and ‘White Nationalists’ Are NOT the Danger, America; Liberals Are

If you are running around all worried that “white nationalists,” Nazis, or members of the Ku Klux Klan are a growing problem in America today, you have been fooled by the left-wing, un-American media. Stop being led by the nose by these liars.

Sure, there was a time when the Ku Klux Klan, for instance, was a very real, very scary danger to the American people. But that hasn’t been true for decades. And the last time “Nazis” had any pull in America was during the 1930s. Further more, so-called “white nationalists” and alt-righters never, ever had any measure of power in this country.

If you are worried over these groups, you have been fooled by boogymen propped up by an anti-American media that is using these shadowy, ill-defined figures and their non-existent threat to force you to adopt left-wing ways of thinking and policy suggestions.

Here is the truth: there is NO threat from violent right-wing groups in the U.S. today. None. Zip. Zero. Nada.

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The Klan, for instance, was once the most powerful terrorist groups in the U.S., and remains the one terror-based group that had the most influence in the country’s history. At one time the KKK claimed around four million members. It was so powerful that it once completely ran the Indiana state government from top to bottom.

However, this was way back in the 1920s and as the 30s dawned that power had already begun to seep away. Indeed, by the 1960s the Klan had become a joke and today, even the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center says that there are only about 5,000 Klan members in the whole country. And there are likely far fewer because the SPLC is prone to falsely pump up “hate group” numbers to justify their crooked, left-wing business model.

So, don’t worry about “Klan” members. Effectually the KKK does not exist.

It is a similar story with the American Nazi Party. There was once tens of thousands of Americans who claimed membership in an American version of Hitler’s party. They once held giant rallies in places like New York. But that was before we entered World War Two. Once we entered the war, the American Nazi Party dwindled to nothing. Today it is an even bigger joke than the KKK.

As to these so-called “white nationalists” and “alt-right” groups, those are also people you needn’t worry about. The number of real people who hold these ideals are tiny in number and are puffed up mostly by their anonymity on the Internet.

But there is a real worry for America today and they all hail from the left side of the political aisle.

We saw the danger they posed in the mid 2000s during the Occupy Wall Street movement. During that period OWS creeps perpetrated thousands of crimes across America, destroyed millions of dollars worth of private property, and even committed rapes and murders. By 2011, Breitbart News had compiled a list of over 400 crimes committed by OWSers.

But Occupy was just the start. The dangerous movement may have been brief, but it was fertile grounds for a long list of other groups. Criminal organizations such as Black Bloc, the Women’s March, Anarchy, Classless Society, Direct Democracy, Antifa, and many others, all rising in the ashes of the ailed OWS movement and all fueled by it.

Currently, Antifa is the biggest danger of them all. The group pretends to be anti-fascist (Fascist is the “fa” part of their name), but in fact they are pure fascism, as pure as can be. Their goal is to beat you down if you disagree with any policy they espouse at the moment.

Let’s just take a look at their “ideas” as seen this weekend in their supposed “response” to the tiny number of “white nationalists” in Washington D.C. on Sunday.

Antifa goons turned out in the thousands to oppose the 50 or so “white nationalists” who came to attend the “Unite the Right 2” rally put on by Jason Kessler. The number of Antifa terrorists that infested D.C. dwarfed the number of so-called “racists.”

So, what did these goons want? Take a look at some of the chants they bellowed on Sunday

This is a very small sampling of the radical, anti-American, dangerous ideas of these cretins. And that is on top of the many riots that have all been started by leftist groups.

But, you don’t just have to look at this Antifa threat to understand that it is leftism that is and always has been the danger to this country. You can look at American history from the Civil War all the way to today.

The Democrat Party started the Civil War and then sponsored the rise of the KKK terror outfit to force its will right after they lost the war. And then came the liberal anarchists, the socialists, the communists, and leftists who started bombing the nation at the turn of the 1900s. Hundreds of Americans were killed by left-wing terror outfits between the 1890s and 1980s. And now we have the Antifa movement to keep that dangerous trend happening.

And that is all on top of the other dangerous left-wingers like Bernie Sanders operative James T. Hodgkinson who tried to gun down Republicans at a Virginia baseball park in 2017.

Folks, it is the left that is a danger to this country. Not anyone on the right.

Don’t worry about any so-called “white nationalists.” Worry about the Democrats. THEY are the true danger.

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