Nazi War Criminal Found in Minnesota? In 2017?!


As the politically novice twerps of the millennial generation spend their days fruitlessly comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler on Twitter, an actual Nazi may have just turned up in the U.S.

The hunt for any remaining World War II war criminals has been ongoing for over seven decades, and with some surprising results as we move further in time from the horrific crimes of the Third Reich.  Now, one Minnesota man’s family is pleading with authorities to cease their investigation of Michael Karkoc, a 98 year old man who is wanted by Poland for extradition due to their belief that he was a part of a Nazi paramilitary force during the war.

“Karkoc’s family denied the allegations against him. ‘It’s insane, it’s uncompressible,’ his son, Andriy Karkoc, told reporters in a news conference Saturday. ‘We talk a lot about fake news but this is fake history.’
“The younger Karkoc called for the judge to release all evidence against his father, who he says suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. ‘We ask the governments of Poland, Ukraine and the United States of America to allow humanity to prevail and to bring an end to this baseless attacks on a 98-year-old man,’ he said.
“Polish investigators had been working since 2013 to identify a commander of the Ukrainian Self Defense Legion, a Nazi paramilitary police organization, who ordered his solders to kill residents and burn the buildings of three rural villages near Lublin. The commander’s actions are considered war crimes and crimes against humanity.
“Their attention turned to the Minnesota man when they examined a list of salaries signed by the commander and compared his handwriting with materials from an American source, officials said.”
Karkoc would be far from the first Nazi war criminal to be tried in the 21st century, nor would be the first to be tried in his 90’s.  The statute of limitations has been completely nullified for Nazi war crimes, and there are dedicated investigators around the globe whose sole mission is to bring these vile soldiers and officers to justice.

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