Native People Ready for Obama’s EPA to Disappear Citing Massive Economic Impact


The democrats, led by the infamous Barack Obama, were responsible for some of the most detrimental economic/environmental policies in American history.

For some reason, the political left in America has taken it upon themselves to be the guardians of all things in nature.  While it is true that some regulations are necessary in order to preserve the safety and sanctity of our beautiful and vibrant nation’s wild spaces, what the liberals have done goes far above and beyond that, and is solidly rooted in globalist thinking.

What the left did was absurd.  They latched onto faulty science, skewed for the sole purpose of instigating these exact reactions, and then legislated their way toward a new world order with policies being developed by the EPA poised to spread across the globe.  This, in turn, created the idea that a global authority should oversee all of the resources of our planet, effectively chipping away at the very idea of national sovereignty.

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Luckily, with the introduction of Donald Trump and other conservative leaders around the world, some of these wild overreaches are finally being put to rest.

Take the EPA for example.  The agency was deep in the pockets of Obama and his liberal cronies for years, and created a great deal of skewed policy based solely on the ideas of that side of American politics.  As far as over-exertive government agencies go, perhaps only the TSA is more troubling.

So when Donald Trump announced his plans to reduce the scope of the oversized and under regulated EPA, liberals lost their minds.  There were overblown claims of mass destruction, extinctions, and total chaos that would certainly stem from the reorganization.  Social media was absolutely humming with ill-conceived doom and gloom predictions by armchair scientists who were most likely triggered by the idea of a smaller EPA.

One group not complaining, however, were First Nations People of the Navajo tribe.

“The Navajo Generating Station and the Kayenta Mine on Navajo land in Arizona has directly and indirectly provided 3,100 jobs and $180 million in annual income to workers and their families.

“The lease agreements, royalties, and other payments are tied to the plant and mine account for approximately 20 percent of Navajo Nation annual general fund revenue, with the money used to fund schools, emergency services, infrastructure, and public parks.

“And now, because regulations have driven up the cost of coal, the plant owners who lease the land have announced it will close in 2019, adding even more strain to a communitythat suffers from a 42 percent unemployment rate and 43 percent of its people living below the federal poverty line.

“Now, the Navajo Nation hopes that President Donald Trump and the Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will help resolve this crisis by working to keep the plant open for 10 years so that alternative income streams can be developed ahead of its closure.”

Barack Obama, you see, was waging a full on war against the coal industry during his time in office.  When Hillary Clinton began campaigning in 2016, promising to be a surrogate third term for the disastrous president, she was not at all welcome in coal country.  Her campaign stops received massive vocal backlash in West Virginia, where she was considered “an enemy of coal”.

You see, the policies developed by the EPA in the last decade are not aimed at making American efficient with their resources.  The EPA’s purpose was to serve as ground zero for the total abandonment of resource mining in America and the world.  Much like Al Gore created a carbon credits company before touting global warming as an actual thing in order to profit, the EPA has been working a campaign of anti-fossil fuels for years.  This insider dealing would then allow liberals to work their investments to suit what they believed would be a renewable resource boom, effectively stacking the deck in their favor.

Now, if the Trump administration can follow through on their promise to repeal the Obama-era coal restrictions, these Navajo people will be able to live without the fear of economic collapse.

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