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Nasty Nancy Pelosi to Co-Star in Batman Film

Does anybody else remember when ObamaCare was in its infancy and Nancy Pelosi stated that it had to pass before we knew what was in it?

I do, because I remember wondering if she told her children “Heroin: you have to shoot it to see how it affects you”. Well, imagine if old TWO FACE sent out a letter to Paul Ryan demanding to know what was in the proposed replacement before it passed the house. So now that the Congressional Budget Office has dropped its report she is calling the GOP bill “immoral” and “indecent”. Nancy Dear, you really shouldn’t use big words you don’t understand.

I know that as a proud recipient of the Sanger Prize and of poison filled injections to the face you may not understand that the letters after “I” have meaning, BUT they do.

Moral- it has its roots in the Latin Language. I am sure as a strong Catholic you know Latin, but I thought perhaps if I translated it into english you might still understand. A handy dandy google search will tell you that it means concerned with the principles of right and wrong behavior and the goodness or badness of human character. Now I know that you may not be quite clear on those concepts. I mean your hero, Margaret Sanger, would have liked to make sure that Obama was never born, so I can understand that you are constantly chasing your tail on such things. For the record, murdering an entire race of people and babies is considered by most to be rather IMMORAL.

Now that we have that covered, maybe you can better understand our next little word challenge.

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Decent-conforming with generally accepted standards of respectable or moral behavior.

Oh boy, since you understand moral now- Oh wait that’s right you are still on Common Core standards for education- Well, let’s just pretend you get it and we will tell you what bubble to fill in later. Okay, since you understand moral, we only have to cover respectable. Darn it, I just remembered you are from California. Okay I will make this as simple as possible.

IF you think it is OKAY- it’s immoral and indecent; so whenever you have a thought just reject it and do the opposite. Pretty soon you might actually start to get a funny feeling of lightness- don’t worry, it is just the demons leaving your body.  I will be glad to tell you how to replace them with something worthwhile. I promise to use small words.

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