NASA Is Now The Science PR Wing of The Obama Administration

So NASA is now spending its time taking to social media to argue with climate change skeptics.

The Mirror reports on an online kerfuffle over one of Bill Nye’s braggadocious little challenges to the unwashed who deny the Earth’s impending destruction by sea rise.

It’s the sort of thing that happens daily on the Internet. Except that this time, apparently someone officially representing NASA took the opportunity to tear down individuals who publicly expressed skepticism.

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Not just a general “this is this” defense of global warming science, mind you, but personalized messages to specific commenters.

Almost like someone is keeping a list. …

Presumably, things have gotten slow on the Muslim outreach front.

One thing you need to bear in mind when talking about climate change science, NASA is the government.

It’s not the big, fuzzy unbiased science source people like to believe it is. It is funded by politicians using taxpayer money, and it answers to them, particularly the president.

There are things NASA doesn’t tell the public. If you’ve ever listened to the radio feeds from any of the many manned spacecraft that have been sent up over the years, you may have encountered very long pauses of radio silence. That’s NASA cutting out the feed because it doesn’t want you to know something.

And there are things NASA tells the public that aren’t necessarily so, like the fairy tale about surface temperature records going back for 100 years being accurate, when the reality is that independent reviews have found many, perhaps even most of the temperature stations tested are off by significantly more than the number of degrees climate scientists claim to be detecting in their global warming studies.

In short, NASA is the science PR wing of the Obama Administration.

Don’t get me wrong. NASA has done some great stuff, but it’s not a free agent. Not by a long shot. If it were, we would have colonies on the moon and probably would have sent humans to Mars by now.

But at the end of the day, it’s the White House signing the paychecks, and NASA scientists are just like other people who want to put food on the table.

Which is why NASA is now being used as a cattle prod in the Obama Administration’s climate “denier” witch hunt.

People who don’t buy into the global warming hysteria (if you need a primer, start with the Watts Up With That blog) are viewed as enemies of the state because the fat cats in government on both sides of the aisle (though more on the Left than Right) are staking a lot of money and dreams of power on the outcome.

If the public can be sold on the absurd notion that manmade global warming threatens the planet (because human CO2 is magically more potent than the vastly greater volume of CO2 produced by the rest of the natural world, don’t you know) and that the sun’s cyclically variable energy output has nothing to do with global temperatures, then that can be used by the government to justify all kinds of new taxes, programs, restrictions and laws designed to make the rich richer and everybody outside of government equally miserable.

If global warming really had any legs and there were any truth to that fabricated “97 percent consensus” figure, then the government wouldn’t have to be contemplating ways to legally punish, intimidate and shut up its detractors.

And NASA would stick to doing real science.


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