Twitter Explodes With Vile Hatred For Nancy Reagan [Warning: Explicit Language]

They may have stopped short of fireworks, but many of the most vile trolls on the Left wasted no time in hurling insults at Nancy Reagan and her husband after her death was announced Sunday.

“Ronald and Nancy Reagan were racist, homophobic bigots,” tweeted twit Justin Sane.

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Twitter-er Ben wrote: “me explaining to nancy reagan she’s in hell.”

Said twitteratus Moanup: “I always thought Nancy Reagan sounded like a futuristic device for turning straight people gay.”

And those are among the friendlier ones.

More typical were tweets such as the one from Brad Loekle: “Drink are on me to the 1st gay man to kick 94 year old Nancy Reagan in the c***. For World AIDS Day. She knows what she did, and didn’t, do.”

Then there was TeeLay24, who wrote, “Yes so happy nancy reagan died mad it took so long f*** Reagans f*** bush’s f*** the Koch brothers I wish they all would die racist f***s.”

Coolfurby contributed, “So f*** Nancy Reagan and f*** her dead rotting no good husband too.”

A major target for the wolves on the Left was to make fun of the former first lady’s “Just Say No” anti-drug campaign.

Apparently, saying no to drugs doesn’t prevent one from saying yes to drugs in the Left’s estimation, yet three decades later everybody on the Left still remembers the campaign well enough that it gets casually mentioned in pop culture and everyday conversations, even by people who can’t remember what happened in Benghazi, for example.

Even some of the allegedly professional media jumped on the bash train. The Washington Post didn’t make it three paragraphs before summarizing Reagan as someone who spent too much money and believed in astrology.

The rest of the story contains several jabs at President Reagan and gratuitous brownie points for President Obama, plus more about how controversial Nancy Reagan was as first lady (as opposed to the current first lady).

All in all, it was a typical show of respect we’ve all come to expect from the Left.


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