Nancy Pelosi’s Latest Comments Shock the Left and the Right

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The thugs of Antifa have been marching, protesting, rioting, and reveling for almost a year now.

If you look at their background, many of those Antifa thugs have actually been at this kind of dangerous, vile behavior for much longer under auspices of BlackLivesMatter, Occupy, and other radical leftist groups.

In all that time these violent radicals have had the full support of the both the media and the Democrat Party.

Think of it – when the media looked at the Tea Party rallies all they saw was hate and the possibility of great violence. This was the case even though there was NEVER any Tea Party violence.

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However, when the media looked at the Occupy Movement or the BlackLivesMatter protests, all they could talk about was how Americans were taking a stand against injustice and the “Fat Cats” who enable it. This was their narrative even though at almost every Occupy event there was violence, pollution, criminality, abuse, and destruction of private property. This was their narrative even though several BlackLivesMatter events turned into outright riots which saw hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars in damage done, many people hurt, and many more arrested.

We conservatives hate the double standard shown, but we’ve gotten used to it. We know that when we go to a rally the media will pick out all of the older, white folks and pretend that we minority conservatives don’t exist. We know that they’ll catch our fellow rally goers mid-cheer just when they look the angriest, or they’ll talk to the one ignorant cave dweller with the racist commentary… we know this. Which is why conservatives were shocked to hear Nancy Pelosi speak out against Antifa this past week, and why many liberals may have been just as shocked too.

In a statement from minority leader Pelosi’s office the Democrat leader said this:

“Our democracy has no room for inciting violence or endangering the public, no matter the ideology of those who commit such acts. 

The violent actions of people calling themselves antifa in Berkeley this weekend deserve unequivocal condemnation, and the perpetrators should be arrested and prosecuted.

In California, as across all of our great nation, we have deep reverence for the Constitutional right to peaceful dissent and free speech.  

Non-violence is fundamental to that right.  

Let us use this sad event to reaffirm that we must never fight hate with hate, and to remember the values of peace, openness and justice that represent the best of America.”

This may be the one and only time I ever say this… and it feels weird… but…

I agree 100% with Nancy Pelosi’s statement. Like seriously… 100%.

By the way, it’s not just Pelosi taking a stand against Antifa from the left this week. The Washington Post also denounced the group earlier this week arguing that Antifa would be better named Profa, with the way they use violence to try to shut down free speech.

They were seen pummeling alleged right-wingers in Berkeley this past weekend, including a man they pushed to the ground and then kicked and punched until a journalist intervened. Whether the victim was or was not an actual fascist is not clear — but antifa’s indifference to such details is. “There is a complete mob mentality here,” the Los Angeles Times’s James Queally reported from the scene. “People are randomly accusing random people of being Nazis.”…

Antifa’s true danger is twofold: First, its violence does obvious and unjustifiable harm, both to free speech and to people and property; second, it tends to discredit, through association, the far broader peaceful movement against racism and hate…

Over time, such violence only benefits the very forces antifa purports to oppose. In terms of objective political impact, the group is badly misnamed: “Profa” would be more accurate.

Oh. Snap.

Now sure, WaPo is fighting against Antifa because they realize that the group weakens the leftwing case for running our government, but most of what they have to say is spot on. In fact, much of it is the same argument we on the right would use to distance ourselves from the alt-right and their racist friends. (By the way – the alt-right is evil and we should have nothing to do with them or the white supremacists/nationalists.)

Perhaps Pelosi and the WaPo were taking a cue from the Chicago Tribune which earlier this week argued that the Left’s silence on Antifa was damning?

There has been no concerted media effort to pressure Democratic politicians to denounce Democratic muscle. So Democratic politicians have been relatively silent, as have many of their loyal pundits. A few pundits of the left have even compared the thugs with American soldiers hitting Omaha beach, a ridiculous attempt to legitimize the violence.

This is all corrosive and dangerous. And in a loud political year, the silence of Democratic politicians explains so very much.

Because silence is consent.

Whatever got the left to start speaking out against Antifa, i’m glad something finally worked. While conservatives might be helped politically by Antifa’s antics, their philosophy and their actions are bad for our country and must be banished to the fringes where they belong. This is the beauty of our process, usually. It’s why radical fringe groups like the KKK and the Black Panthers have so little authority in our country. We allow them to exist, we allow them to speak their awful beliefs, because it allows us to prove just how wrong and disgusting they are… but to do this we need both sides of the political spectrum decrying them. It can’t be the right against antifa, or the left against white supremacy. It must be all of us against all of the evil fringe doctrines that arise.

We need more Democrats speaking out against Antifa, and we need them to do so now.

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