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Nancy Pelosi’s Health Concerns Turn from Tawdry to Terrifying Overnight

Our public officials’ health is always going to be a concern for Americans, especially given the late age at which many come to political prominence.

During the tumultuous election of 2016 in particular, the left was faced with the sobering reality that their racehorse, Hillary Clinton, was far from the ideal physical specimen for the rigors of the White House.  The former First Lady displayed a number of worrisome bits of bizarre behavior on the campaign trail, and forced herself into several more moments of “defiance” to the rumors that were equally as absurd.

Not only did Clinton need assistance for nearly every set of stairs that she faced during 2016, but the former Secretary of State had several incredibly unnerving incidents of facial spasms and attentive twitching that, combined with recently unearthed emails from Wikileaks and the testimony of a former Secret Service agent, led many to believe that Hillary was in the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease.

Then, during a September 11th memorial ceremony on a cool day in New York City, Clinton collapsed after being carried away by her entourage.  Her campaign team managed to eek out a lame excuse, (undiagnosed pneumonia), before setting up a photo op between Clinton and a child just hours later, presumably to display the candidate’s recovery…with apparently no regard for the child who would surely be exposed to the often deadly disease.

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Now, another democratic leader is facing similar scrutiny as a lengthy list of horrific health happenings come to the forefront.

“What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi?

“During her weekly press conference on Thursday, the House Minority Leader was seen stumbling over words, uttering gibberish, staring blankly at reporters, and on at least two occasions, suffering from face spasms.

“’What an event-filled morning has been,’ Pelosi began, botching her opening line.

“It went downhill from there.

“’Really one that, uh, marks a transf— for—’ she said, before staring at reporters barely 10 seconds into the appearance, and finally saying, ‘transformative moment…’

“Moments later, she confused ‘trillions’ and ‘billions.’

“’When President Bush left office the deficit was 1.4 trillion,’ she said as she suffered an apparent facial spasm, ‘uh, trillion dollars. So you’re talking about an enormous amount of money. The national debt increased by an enormous amount — the debt was 1.4 billion in terms of the deficit.'”

This is far from the first time that Pelosi has displayed the trappings of senility, and this isn’t the only reason that the democrats have been scrambling to replace her.

Are these leftist lunatics really so desperate to cling to what little power they possess that they would deceive their own constituents to maintain a seat at the table?  Given the obvious concerns over Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi, the answer seems to be emphatically “yes”.

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