Nancy Pelosi Wishes that George W. Bush was President Again

The Democrat Party is simply adrift on a sea of ridiculous ignorance. That is the only answer for the rhetoric and activity that we see churning forth from the liberal establishment today. The only one.

On Sunday, House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appeared on ABC News’ This Week with Jonathan Karl where she argued that President Trump was an extremist and then she actually longed for the halcyon days of the George W. Bush era. I kid you not. Pelosi actually spoke glowingly of the camaraderie and the “accomplishments” of the Bush era government. An administration that the Democrats mocked, reviled, and spoke great evil of, Pelosi is now arguing that it was a golden era of bipartisan accomplishment.


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Even worse, President Trump is by no means an ideological conservative. There is much that the Democrat Party could “accomplish” if they wanted to, but they’ve decided that the better path to power is to oppose everything the President says and does while also pretending that his every whim is birthed from the far-right wing of his party. It’s just not so, Nancy.

I sure hope the American people are paying attention and that they see through the ridiculous rhetoric of the left.

Nancy Pelosi: I see everything as an opportunity. And I’ve never have seen so much willingness to help win. And winning means winning for the American people, that either we win or whoever wins understands the priorities of the American people. And they are not the President Bush — excuse me. So sorry, President Bush. I never thought I would pray for the day that you were president again. But…

Jonathan Karl: Praying for the day that President Bush is president again?

Nancy Pelosi: And so you asked the question, how would I work with a republican president? The way we worked with President Bush. We got great deal accomplished. We opposed him on the war in Iraq vociferously. We opposed him on privatization of Social Security. But we worked with him on many other issues. Biggest energy bill in the history of our country, a tax bill that helped low-income working families that we wanted and we wanted to be big and we found our common ground. The list goes on and on.


Onan Coca

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