Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi Weaponizes Sexism to Attempt to Keep Her Job

The democrats have been preying on Americans’ implied shame for decades in an attempt to coerce voters to cast blue ballots come election day.

By employing a wide variety of “politically correct” opinions, the radical left has worked to embarrass their fellow Americans using constantly evolving terminology and rampant virtue signaling in order to elbow their way to societal supremacy.  It’s political-shaming, and it’s pretty much all that the left has to work with.

One avenue in which the democrats can attempt to mock their political opponents has been their own tainted version of sexism in which women on the left take two steps ahead of the pack simply due to their gender.  Hillary Clinton pulled her “woman card” during the 2016 election, believing that her gender was as important as her politics, using the silly campaign slogan “I’m With Her”.  Now, fellow democrat Nancy Pelosi is employing a similar stunt to prevent her own departure from D.C., despite recent evidence of her own profound mental slippage.

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Friday she needs to keep her leadership position so there is a ‘top’ woman at the table when decisions are made.

“Pelosi made the comment on ABC’s ‘The View’ while recounting being interrupted by Cabinet officials during a recent White House dinner with President Trump and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.).

“‘I was the only woman at the table, and that’s why I have to stay there, to be one of the top women, top people, at the table,’ she said.

“The Democrat from San Francisco previously said she was considering retiring if Hillary Clinton won the presidency. She said Friday she stayed in order to protect the Affordable Care Act, President Obama’s signature healthcare law.”

Some of us remember a time when your merit as a politician was based on your ability and not your value to the imaginary diversity quotient of the radical left.

Pelosi, who has been engaging in increasingly erratic and errant behavior, may be exploiting her gender in a bid to maintain power in Washington as senility and confusion set in.  Outside of her numerous recent gaffes, Pelosi has been figuratively neutered by a republican-controlled congress beholden to the anti-establishment protocols of the Trump administration.

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