Nancy Pelosi says if There’s Any Decency in the GOP, They’ll Pull their Healthcare Bill

Oh, that’s rich. Nancy “Pass it to See What’s in It” Pelosi deigns to lecture the GOP about doing the decent thing after a lifetime of doing the indecent thing at every opportunity. During a recent press gaggle that the Democrat leader brought together for the sole purpose of demonizing the Republican Party, Pelosi demanded that the GOP stop trying to repeal the monstrosity that is Obamacare.

Speaking of the House GOP she said:

I hope that they would pull the bill. That’s really the only decent thing to do.
Numbers are important. They see the numbers. They should know how that transfers into people’s lives.
They are finding that out from their constituents. How can they look their constituents in the eyes when they say to them, 24 million of you are no longer going to have coverage. Those of you who do have it will have less in terms of coverage at more cost to you.

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Again, the woman asking the GOP to do what she believes “the decent” thing to be, is the same woman who has demonized, demagogued, slandered, and libeled conservatives for decades. She has demanded the blood of unborn children, she has attacked the character of good men and women, and she has undermined the very safety, security, and legacy of our great nation. Time and time again, Nancy Pelosi has proven herself to be an enemy of liberty and a destructive force who has used her position to make our nation less free, less safe, less prosperous, and more divided.

Thanks for the advice Nancy, but we’re just going to go ahead and ignore you now.

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