Nancy Pelosi says Republicans Only Support Trump because ‘they Don’t Want to Pay their Fair Share’!

Liberals in favor of high taxes never specify what they mean by “fair share.” What percentage of my small  income should belong to the government? How much of what I make should go to the feds to waste on their latest fancy?

I work primarily so that I can make money to take care of my family. I’ve got to pay for a house, pay to keep the electricity flowing, pay to keep the water running, and pay to put food on the table. And one job isn’t enough anymore. I’ve got three.

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Last year, a decent portion of my income was derived from my self-employment job. That meant that I owed a lot in taxes. So, instead of enjoying the fruits of my labor and putting money away to savings and investing in my kids, I’ve got to struggle just to make ends meet to pay off the feds. (And the state.)

My tax money – which isn’t much, since I don’t make a lot – and everyone else’s goes to fund a massive and expanding government that wastes taxpayer money. If we don’t pay it, we risk going to jail.

Our tax money goes to finance an over-bloated foreign policy, a failed War on Terror, welfare programs that make people more dependent, an already bankrupt Social Security “fund,” the nation’s largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood, a “justice” system which incarcerates mostly non-violent drug offenders, the failed War on Drugs, an education system which is making kids dumb and dumber, and of course all the dirty politicians who make laws that benefit themselves. And that’s just the beginning.

California Representative and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi said the only reason people like Donald Trump is that they don’t want to pay their “fair share” of taxes:

“Forty-two percent of Republicans support Donald Trump,” she said“That’s where he is in the polls, 38 to 42 (percent).”

“I think that many of them are supporting him for the reason that Republicans support Republicans.They don’t want to pay their fair share of taxes.”

What does she mean by “fair share?” Half? 5 percent? 95 percent? What’s the standard she’s using to judge what the “fair share” threshold should be? Why does she and most other politicians claim our income as their own and simply allow us to keep part of it?

We’re electing people to Congress so they can take more money away from us.

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