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Nancy Pelosi says Hillary’s Crimes are Being Blown Out of Proportion!

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi thinks every Democrat scandal is blown way out of proportion. She called the Planned Parenthood scandal – where undercover videos exposed the sale of aborted baby parts – a “distraction.” In fact, of that same scandal, she said that that controversy simply “doesn’t exist.”

It’s no surprise then that when she was interviewed on “CBS This Morning” on Monday she said that Hillary Clinton’s email scandal – and the fact that Hillary claimed she didn’t know that (C) meant ‘confidential’ – is just not a big deal.

When Pelosi was asked about the scandal, here’s how she responded:

“I think they [the voters] shouldn’t be that concerned. I think that the secretary of state deals with a large number of issues — 30,000 emails — we’re talking about a few that may have been marked ‘confidential.’ ‘Classified…’ and ‘secret’ and ‘highly sensitive’ is where it becomes more problematic.

“But the fact is that whatever it was that Hillary Clinton dealt with in that manner had no threat to our security. And I think that too much is being made of this.

“Hillary Clinton is as talented and as informed and as knowledgeable a leader as we have seen in our country. I think much too much is being made of this. And I say that as the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee for years. For years. This is really much ado about something. But too much ado.”

She’s a good team player. If Trump were the one dealing with this scandal, Pelosi would be talking all about how it endangered national security. And she’d appeal to her time and experience on the Intelligence Committee “for years” to prove that Trump is completely untrustworthy.

But since it’s Hillary’s scandal, it’s “too much ado.” It’s not a big deal. It’s a “distraction.” The “controversy doesn’t exist.”

Watch the full interview below:

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