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Nancy Pelosi Continues Descent into Health Hole With Spasms, Repetition

A vast majority of this week’s political meltdowns have been provided to us by the democrats, with scandal upon scandal raining down on America.

Democratic Senator Al Franken is now up to five women who have accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior, including journalist Leann Tweeden and an army veteran who says Franken cupped her bosom while he posed for a photograph with her while on a USO Tour meet and greet.

John Conyer, a House democrat, has also been saddled with his fair share of accusations, some with ominous warnings being passed among women in the Capitol.  Rumor has it that you would not want to be in an elevator alone with Conyers, a terrifying expression of the open secret of his sexual deviancy.

In the latter matter, democratic diva Nancy Pelosi has already come forward to call for Conyer’s resignation.  Now, however, Americans are taking a closer look at Pelosi’s denouncement and noticing something far more intriguing – the House Minority Leader’s failing mental health and obvious illness.

“Pelosi began the appearance by walking past a giant sign labeled ‘GOP tax scam.’

“As she got to the podium, she looked over her left shoulder for the visual, before realizing she had just walked past it.

“’There it is: the GOP tax scam,’ she said, her face twitching.

“Seconds later, she called it the ‘G-O-T’ tax scam, before correcting herself.

“Pelosi misread the sign, saying, ‘the ACA reform, reform, uh, uh, repeal. Sneaky ACA repeal.’

“Pelosi slurred ‘veterans,’ saying ‘ever-veterans.’

“After trailing off while talking about an ‘increase,’ she said, ‘So it’s not just a crea— increase.’

“While demanding federal funding for her own priorities, Pelosi mistakenly said ‘wildfowl,’ before correcting herself to say ‘wildfire.’

“Pelosi asserted ’82 millial’ middle class families won’t benefit from the plan, before correcting her speech and saying ‘million.’

“All of this came as she denounced Rep. John Conyers behavior and called for his resignation.

“After suffering two brain freezes, she made an ironic statement: ‘How can you judge— judgement be respected if you don’t even know what you’re talking about?’”

This horrid mangling of the English language occurred while Pelosi was supposedly speaking on the subject of John Conyers, providing even more evidence that the Minority Leader could very well be suffering from some early signs of senility or mental illness.

Given the immense stress that is facing the democratic party in 2017, we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Pelosi wound up having an on-air conniption fit before Christmas Day.

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