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Nancy Pelosi Claims That She’d Be Retired If Hillary Had Won


It seems that, even six weeks removed from Trump’s inauguration, all the democrats want to talk about is themselves.  Still.

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For many on the left side of American politics, the election doesn’t seem to be over.  Between the constant, nonsensical droning about Russia’s purported influence on the election itself, the “fake news” that many blame for Trump’s win, and the constant talk of impeachment, the democrats really have not accepted the fact that Hillary Clinton was roundly rejected by the people of this great nation.  And don’t get us started on Obama’s latest anti-Trump posturing.

Now another prominent democrat is throwing her hat in the “woulda, shoulda” ring with an absurd statement today.

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had planned to retire from Congress if Hillary Clinton won the presidential election.

“’If Hillary had won, I was ready to go home,’ she told reporters Friday, explaining that she opted to stick around to try to fend off Republican efforts to dismantle Obamacare, the massive health care law she played a key role in ramming through Congress. ‘If [Clinton] were there, then I would not worry about that.’

“Her remarks, which also include an unhinged view of the Affordable Care Act, suggests she is oblivious to how cataclysmically the law has failed over the years since its passage in 2010. Donald Trump’s promise on the campaign trail to repeal the unpopular law was one of the lynch pins of his victory over Clinton in last November’s election.”

Pelosi’s ridiculous claim is just another way in which she is manipulating the press to embark on her own mission of martyrdom, as she throws herself at the feet of the Washington machine, dramatically battling President Trump every step of the way.  The only problem with Pelosi’s plan, however, is that Donald Trump is in The White House at the will of We The People, not to spite the left so much as it is in despite of the left.

Nice try, Nancy.

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