Nancy Pelosi Caught in Lie: Republicans Offered 9 Alternatives to Obamacare

The Democrats keep insisting the Republicans have no Obamacare alternatives. That’s not true since 2009 the GOP has presented at least nine different replacement options, the most recent was presented this past July.

On January 23, 2009, former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor met with the pew president Barack Obama to present Republican ideas for the stimulus plan. Obama rejected Cantor’s pitch outright saying, “Elections have their consequences–we won.” That set the tone for lack of cooperation that plagued the government for the entire Obama Presidency.
On a Wednesday morning,19-days short or eight years later the Senate and House Minority leaders stood before a capital microphone with the same attitude as president Obama had years before.  Only this time they lost.
Each of the Democratic Party leaders vowed to do everything in their power to keep Obamacare in place and block all Republican attempts at replacing the failing health care system.
Of course the two  presented a paradox, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer began by saying the plan the Republicans cooked up will never work, then House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi took center stage from Schumer (never a safe move) to say that she agreed with Schumer and that the GOP doesn’t even have a plan to substitute for Obamacare. So the plan the GOP doesn’t have will never work?

The truth is while the Democrats were working on the bill that would be come Obamacare, Republicans were offering their version of healthcare reform. Not one of the GOP results were considered by the President or the Democratic majority in either house.

Three of the alternate bills were offered in the spring summer of 2009:

  • In May, Republicans in the House and the Senate formed a bicameral coalition to produce the 130-page “Patients Choice Act of 2009.”
  • In June, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) introduced the “Health Care Freedom Plan.”
  • In July, the Republican Study Committee, under the leadership of Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) who is himself a physician, unveiled the “Empowering Patients First Act.”

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Rep. Price reintroduced his health care bill each for 3 straight Congresses. A 2013 analysis of of the bill promised:

  • It would save taxpayers $2.34 trillion over 10 years
  • It would slow the rate of premium increases more than Obamacare
  • It would increase the number of insured Americans (by almost as much as Obamacare, WITHOUT an individual mandate tax)

A few months ago Price testified before Congress and explained his plan…


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