Nancy Pelosi Calls Donald Trump the “Gift that Keeps on Giving”!

While chatting with her MSNBC pals, California Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi said that Donald Trump is a “gift that keeps on giving,” because everyday, he says something that helps the Democratic Party “mobilize at the grassroots level.”

Pelosi told host Joe Scarborough that even though it didn’t seem likely at first that the Democrats were going to take back the House, Donald Trump might change that. Here was their exchange:

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Scarborough: So, because of redistricting, because of gerrymandering, I don’t think anybody thought that the Democrats had a shot of taking the House back. Donald Trump’s changed all of that, hasn’t he?

Pelosi: Well, he is a gift that keeps on giving. Every day that he says something it helps us mobilize at the grassroots levels, raise money, message a difference a between the two parties, so he’s been good. But here’s the thing. Don’t get too carried away by the redistricting. When we took the House in 2006, which you know was not something that everyone predicted was going to happen.

Scarborough: It was a shock, yes.

Pelosi: It was a shock. We had just been the victim of a mid-decade redistricting in Texas —

Scarborough: Right.

Pelosi: — a difference of 14 seats and, nonetheless, we came in and won. So it’s an obstacle but it’s not insurmountable. And you don’t win if you don’t fight, and we’re going to fight for every seat.

Scarborough: So, how many seats would you say are up for grabs every two years, usually? Out of 435, usually isn’t it about 30-35 that really —

Pelosi: Maybe double in play. It just —

Scarborough: Depends on the environment.

Pelosi: What we need is 30 seats to win, but what I’m saying is that I think at the end of day, that being Election Day, we will have — there will be a single-digit difference. We will be single-digit ahead and they’ll be single-digit. But we will make tremendous inroads in terms of the number of Democrats in the House.

The thing is, that’s not really the case anymore. Ever since his campaign had a “shakeup” – that’s how the media described it – he’s been on his best behavior. And the polls are reflecting that this “shakeup” has made the likelihood for a Trump presidency greater.

Add to that Clinton’s health problems turning out not to be a “conspiracy theory” any longer, and things aren’t looking good for the Democrats.


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