Nancy Pelosi Admits that She’s Already Handpicked Her Replacement

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Well, the news isn’t good folks.

It seems that House minority leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has handpicked the man who will replace her as leader of the leftwing caucus, and she’s chosen one of her more divisive colleagues to take her place.

Pelosi told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that she had already chosen Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) to take her place as the face of the Democrat minority in the House.

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Nancy Pelosi: Well, I think we do have a great array of talent. And I have promoted it all along the way. I think when you see some of the people who represent the House Democrats, like Adam Schiff and the rest, people I have promoted in the party, getting them ready.

It’s up to the caucus to select its next leaderships. I enjoy the support of my caucus.

George Stephanopoulos: And you’re not going anywhere?

Nancy Pelosi: Well, I’m here — the Affordable Care Act, as you know, is very important to me. And I — when the president became president, I saw the threat to it, I said I’ve got stay to take care of the Affordable Care Act. And that’s my fight. That’s my mission.

But also, to have women, women at the table, at the leadership table. I’m here to fight for our — our better deal, better jobs, better pay, better future for the American people. I think that the biggest evidence for lack of experience in a job is the president of the United States.

So — I fully intend to make on the basis of my knowledge, my legislative — I think I’m a great legislator. I know the budget. And I don’t believe that I have — self-promotion is a terrible thing, but clearly, somebody has to do it.

If you’re wondering where you’ve heard Schiff’s name before, let me remind you.

Adam Schiff is the man who has been leading the Democrat charge in the Russian witch hunt against President Trump.

Schiff is so dastardly that on numerous occasions early on in the Russian investigation he implied, quite dramatically, that there was as yet unrevealed proof that Trump had colluded with the Russians.

Here’s a reminder:

March 2017:

April 2017:

May 2017:

June 2017:

Schiff has been oddly silent about Trump’s possible collusion with Russia in recent months, perhaps that’s because even after a series of intense investigations by various government entities, not to mention intense media scrutiny, there has been NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER of any collusion or criminality.

Still, even without evidence Schiff continues his witch hunt hoping to one day bring down President Trump.

This is the despicable, unprincipled man that Nancy Pelosi has handpicked to lead her party into the future, and America will no doubt suffer because of it.


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