NAFTA Gets NUKED! “Racist” President Announces New Trade Deal with Mexico

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Many of us knew that this day would come, and it took everything in our power not to lash out at the disbelievers.

And there were a lot of disbelievers.  President Trump, as an undeniably controversial figure, was certainly going to hammer on trade and economics during his time in the Oval Office. It’s simply what his career has built him for.

This supreme and sublime negotiator has already inked several unheard of deals in the international diplomacy department, including bringing a now-insubordinate Kim Jong Un to the table for denuclearization talks.  (We’re still waiting to hear how this whole thing turns out).

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Now, in a deal that would end NAFTA, Donald Trump is announcing a new trade partnership with Mexico.

President Trump on Monday announced a tentative trade deal between the United States and Mexico that could lead to an overhaul of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

“It’s a big day for trade,” the president said in the Oval Office. “It’s a big day for our country.”

The two countries have been working to resolve key differences on issues ranging from automobiles to energy.

If an agreement with the U.S. and Mexico is finalized, the third country in NAFTA — Canada — would be brought back in to finalize a revamp of the 24-year-old pact. But Trump said Monday “we’ll see” if Canada can be part of this deal, leaving open the possibility of separate deals.

“Canada is encouraged by the continued optimism shown by our negotiating partners,” a spokesman for Canada’s minister of foreign affair, Chrystia Freeland, said Monday. “Progress between Mexico and the United States is a necessary requirement for any renewed NAFTA agreement.”

Two things need to be pointed out here:

  1.  We could quickly bring Canada back into the deal, and immediately put them under our thumb by legalizing the cultivation of marijuana in America.  With Canadians now allowed to legally enjoy these products, and their agricultural seasons limited by climate, the US could easily be the major provider for Canada’s soon-to-be-booming pot industry.
  2. This is the same President that the left says is on the racism scale somewhere between David Duke and Hitler.  Why not cut Mexico out and work directly with Canada?


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