NAACP Pathetically Piggybacks Off NCAA Pigskin Finale to Protest Prez

The “resistance” to President Donald Trump is a lot like water:  It flows to the lowest possible level allowed by gravity and seeps into any hole where it can find a footing.

Such is the case when it comes to the overtly leftist NAACP, who have fallen for the liberal fallacy that Trump is somehow the supreme bigot of the Western Hemisphere, and that he will stop at nothing to re-segregate our great nation.

Of course, this line of reasoning continues to fail at standing up to any logical argument thrown at it, and, like water, simply disperses and moves into lower and smaller crevices.

Now, the NAACP has been forced to desperately search for something “relatable” to attach their anti-Trump vitriol to, and it seems that they have found just such a platform in the NCAA’s college football national championship in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Tonight’s season finale has the dynastic Alabama Crimson Tide facing a Georgia Bulldogs team that needed to score 54 points last week just to make it to this point.  Furthermore, President Donald Trump has indicated that he will be in attendance for the spectacle at the newly christened Mercedes Benz Stadium – home to MLS’ wonder-team Atlanta United and the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons.

This has brought the NAACP out of the woodwork in hopes of snarling traffic and annoying football fans with pedantic and petulant protests in The ATL.

“The Atlanta branch of the NAACP is urging people to wear white to the game and to bring white towels to wave when the president enters the statement. The white is meant to mock the ‘snowflake’ insult that Trump supporters have made against those who oppose the president.

“’We’re going to make a snowflake turn into a mighty blizzard inside of Mercedes-Benz stadium when Mr. Trump comes,’ Gerald Griggs, a vice president of the Atlanta NAACP, said at a news conference Monday.

“The organization also planned a ‘Twitter storm’ beginning at 6 p.m. and continuing through the end of the game. They plan to use the hashtag #AllTrumpsLies to highlight what they say are lies told by the president.

“Another group, Refuse Fascism ATL, said it was planning a demonstration outside CNN’s world headquarters near Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The group plans to ‘take a knee’ there at 6:30 p.m.”

The use of “white” clothing is simply a marketing tactic was well, given that both teams employ similar color schemes for home and away games, with red-dominant hues for home and white for away.  A great many fans in the arena will be sporting white regardless, allowing the NAACP to make phony claims regarding participation in their protest as soon as the TV cameras are trained on the crowd.

The city of Atlanta, anticipating the traffic nightmare that a Presidential visit and a national championship game can bring, canceled school and work for several in the city’s metropolitan sprawl under the thinly veiled guise of “inclement weather”.

Now, should the long shut-out Bulldogs succumb to the perennial favorite Crimson Tide, we will see not only a litter of perturbed puppies sulking their way from the stadium, but also a congregation of the often-violent radical left just blocks away.  Fireworks seem likely, and they won’t be coming from the stadium festivities.


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