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The Myth of Bernie Sanders’ Fiscal Omnipotence is Shattered Once Again

Independent Senator turned short-term democratic candidate Bernie Sanders filled a very niche role in the 2016 presidential primaries.

As the opponent to former First Lady Hillary Clinton, Sanders looked to be the new face of the democratic party.  His radical messages regarding socialism were resonating with young democrats who hadn’t yet experience much of the world around them, and the pipe-dream of this pseudo-communism was just what the radical left was looking for.  Not only did his popularity create a need for Hillary Clinton to collude with the DNC powers that be in order to end Sanders’ hopes of being nominated, but the Vermont Senator’s radical fiscal ideas turned him into the default financial guru on the far left.

In the wake of Hillary’s horrendous performance in the general election, leftist Americans immediately turned to blaming the democratic party for ignoring their pleas and pushing Clinton through as the nominee.  These malleable millennials truly believed that Bernie would have been their savings account’s savior, and a knight in socialist armor who would crusade against student loan debt and health insurance.

Bernie’s financial responsibility was nothing more than a sad myth for the left, however, as it was soon revealed that he and his wife were under investigation for dubious collegiate land deals.  Furthermore, Sanders’ own purchase of a luxury lake home after conceding the primary to Clinton was more than a little disheartening for the radical leftists who were vying for his brand of granola-communism.

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Now there is more bad news for the Bernie faithful in the form of an exorbitant private plane bill that’s been racking up over the Senator’s reelection campaign.

“Sanders, I-Vt., who has said global warming is causing ‘devastating problems’ and is in favor of a carbon tax, made the payments for the posh private travel arrangements from his Senate campaign committee, Friends of Bernie Sanders, to Apollo Jets, a New York-based private charter company that is ‘dedicated to providing a luxury flight experience based on superior safety and exceptional customer care,’ its website states.

“The campaign spent $37,567.53 to rent the private charters during the third quarter, which runs from the beginning of July to the end of September.

“Apollo Jets offers a number of charter options ranging from light jets, which seat six to eight passengers, to jumbo jets, the biggest option for flying privately, which feature ‘varied cabin configuration’ that offers commercial seating for up to 500 people or ‘plush business class chairs for 50 or more’ people.”

Once again, the progressive pariah is displaying antics that would put average Americans in the poorhouse.

The democratic party’s hopes for survival were slim after the 2016 presidential election, but look even less promising now that their golden boy reveals the literal nature of that moniker.  Even the dunces in the democratic party will certainly realize that living in the lap of luxury at your lake house while summoning private jets isn’t exactly the most fiscally responsible way to push your socialist agenda.

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