Las Vegas

Mystery of Vegas Shooter Continues to Unravel with Wild Finances

Authorities are still attempting to piece together a profile of suspected Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock.

Paddock, a 64 year old multimillionaire real estate investor lived just over an hour away from Las Vegas in nearby Mesquite, Nevada.  According to his brother, Stephen was a fairly normal guy who never was known own even a handgun before this weekend, and who tended to mind his own business.   He was an avid gambler who moved to Nevada specifically for the freedoms it allowed him in that regard.

Beyond that, however, very little is known about Paddock, who had no prior criminal history, (although his father did), and who had no known social media accounts.  Almost nothing has been released by authorities constituting a motive – something that will likely take days, if not weeks to determine.

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One piece of information has been revealed to the public today about Stephen Paddock, and it has to do with some peculiar financial transactions that took place in the days preceding the massacre.

“The Las Vegas shooter sent tens of thousands of dollars ‘overseas,’ federal law enforcement officials told Fox News Tuesday, revealing new information that could shed light on what sparked him to unleash the deadly massacre.

“The revelation came amid questions about the whereabouts of Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend, Marilou Danley, who left the U.S. before Paddock committed the horrific attack that killed 59 and injured at least 515 others.

“Investigators are looking into whether Paddock sent the cash to Danley amid conflicting reports she’s in either the Philippines or Japan, the officials said.

“In addition, a U.S. government source told Fox News that federal investigators have interviewed an ‘immediate relative’ of Paddock’s girlfriend. This relative said the family found Paddock ‘unstable,’ and he made relatives ‘uncomfortable.’ FBI officials declined to comment on this interview.

“Investigators noted the money crossing hands was a significant amount and authorities were trying to uncover who received the cash and where it currently is. It was not immediately clear when the money was transferred.”

With Paddock now deceased, police will be forced to comb through what little is left of the millionaire’s possessions, looking for clues.


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