USS Fitzgerald

Mystery of USS Fitzgerald Collision Deepens During Concurrent Probes

There has been a plethora of activity in the Pacific over the course of recent months, thanks in no small part to Kim Jong Un’s maniacal actions.

The North Korean leader has continuously worked to provoke much of the modern world with his incessant threats of thermonuclear war and his unacceptable human rights abuses.  The rogue nation has been such an influence on the planet’s safety that the United States has been patrolling the waters off of the Korean Peninsula, and Asia as a whole, for weeks.  Concerned about an acceleration of North Korea’s stated plans to annihilate the United States, a naval presence seemed more than necessary for the time being.

Now, one U.S. warship has suffered major damage and several casualties during a freak accident involving a container ship near Japan, and the investigation into the mishap is revealing more mystery than anything.

“Multiple U.S. and Japanese investigations are under way into how the guided missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald and the much larger ACX Crystal container ship collided in clear weather south of Tokyo Bay in the early hours of June 17.

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“In the first detailed account from one of those directly involved, the cargo ship’s captain said the ACX Crystal had signalled with flashing lights after the Fitzgerald ‘suddenly’ steamed on to a course to cross its path.

“The container ship steered hard to starboard (right) to avoid the warship, but hit the Fitzgerald 10 minutes later at 1:30 a.m., according to a copy of Captain Ronald Advincula’s report to Japanese ship owner Dainichi Investment Corporation that was seen by Reuters.”

Certainly, one would believe that maritime technology had advanced precisely to avoid late night situations such as this, with automated collision warnings being standard among these exorbitantly expensive and expansive ships.  For some reason, however, no alarm was sounded during the encounter.

“The collision tore a gash below the Fitzgerald’s waterline, killing seven sailors in what was the greatest loss of life on a U.S. Navy vessel since the USS Cole was bombed in Yemen’s Aden harbour in 2000.

“Those who died were in their berthing compartments, while the Fitzgerald’s commander was injured in his cabin, suggesting that no alarm warning of an imminent collision was sounded.”

Late last week, reports were running wild with speculation about the series of events that occurred leading up to the incident, with some even suggesting that the ramming of the container ship into the USS Fitzgerald may have been purposeful or provoked.

The findings of these six separate studies will surely stimulate the senses of conspiracy theorists around the planet, looking to somehow coerce their few friends into believing that some larger force is at work in this horrific accident.  However, in a great bit of irony, this demographic often also shares the belief that our government is a highly compartmentalized and clumsy beast that can barely function under normal operating conditions, let alone at any sort of rate that would allow for high level, multiple personnel false flag attacks to occur.



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