URGENT: This Cuban Immigrant Has an Important Message for Christian Voters

The following is an open letter published by South Florida conservative political activist, Raul Montes and has been republished here with permission.

Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

We have another opportunity to fast and pray for our nation.  Please fast and pray this Monday for those who will participate in the primaries of Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio.

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“Be not weary in doing well.”

America does not need a king but godly statesmen.  Not a man who desires to rule over us, but to lead us.  Rulers have a way of becoming thorns in the eyes of the citizens.

Today, in America, we are free to choose and free to lose.  But, if we wrongly choose, we can lose the right to choose.
 We, as Christians, the Church, have suffered a number of attacks against our faith, these past seven years.  The attacks on freedom of religion, freedom to preach, freedom to speak out on a number of issues (speech), freedom to publish Christian literature, or to send sermons and Bible studies (press), and freedom to have worship services or Bible studies (assembly) are being intensified.
How do we restore our once great nation?
Return to the foundation which established those freedoms: the principles of the Bible.

Once again, this week is one of those steps, the continued process of selecting our civil servants.  Restoration requires selecting honorable civil servants, not ones who become thorns in our eyes.  Our part is to be wise fruit pickers.

A few sentences of my real life experience for context: I was born in Cuba to Cuban parents, but I’m thankful for the privilege to choose to be an American by naturalization. My family fled the island prison of Cuba 56 years ago when I was two years old. Family members were tortured as political prisoners by the brutal Castro brothers; one of those uncles is a Baptist minister.  Losing both liberty and worldly possessions has been a personal, family tragedy; the same is true for many friends.

When selecting, be careful.  “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain.”

It is much easier to lose our liberties than we think.  We take too much for granted.  “In your anger do not sin.”  Bad social decisions are often based on anger.  We too often turn from one bad leader to a worse one, like a swinging pendulum.

Here are a few examples: Germany turned to Hitler, Cuba turned from Batista to Castro, Nicaragua turned from Somoza to Ortega, and Venezuela turned to Chavez.

Their offer, like any other sin, always has a glaze that entices.

Ted Cruz and Marco RubioContrast these to our forefathers, who nearly 240 years ago, forsook their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, turned from oppression to liberty. Years of blessings both here and abroad have been the result of their sacrifice. Like many Cubans my age, being politically involved, even from the time I was born, was inevitable.  Tyranny and losing all was a normal conversation in the home.  So on to Tuesday…

The following is strictly my personal opinion and not that as an elder of my church, nor for my church, nor for my presbytery.  It is simply responding to items of my personal witness.  As Christians we are called to the watchtower, to warn the people of oncoming evil, and to protect the reputation of our Christian brothers, especially from knowingly false accusations.

Marco Rubio’s main office is down the street from my house (1.5 miles). I have friends that are his personal friends. I voted for him six years ago for senate. Regarding two points of his Senate duties: first, he decided for political reasons to go against his promises. [score]Marco Rubio[/score] chose to press for amnesty for illegal immigrants.  I viewed his interview on Univision (which happens to be a mile from my house adjacent to Trump National) along with the English translation.  I was disappointed as I saw it, but became incensed at the purposeful mistranslation and attempted cover-up and Marco’s misrepresentation.  As a legal immigrant, as with many legal friends, we are opposed to violating legal and moral laws. Second, I believe that Marco has falsely accused his Christian brother, [score]Ted Cruz[/score], on the amnesty issue.  I have communicated with Marco’s office on this point.  Marco has also stated that he does not have a path to win without a brokered convention.  Damaged fruit seen here.

Across the street from Marco’s office is Trump National (formerly Doral Country Club, the famous Blue Monster golf course).  Donald purchased the property a few years ago and has used many illegal laborers repairing and preparing that property.  In my opinion, he has also falsely and maliciously accused Ted Cruz.  In addition, I believe there are a multitude of other deceptions.  We saw this same thing before, seven years ago, when Obama ran for president.  Promising everything but specifying nothing.  Instead of “hope and change” it’s “Make America Great Again.”   Great generalizations without specifics.  Sadly, “hope and change” was the Castro bothers’ line in Cuba.  Trump has changed his brand from Democrat, to Reform, to Republican (a number of times), but without any obvious change to his ethics.  As Trump indicated in Thursday night’s (March 10th) debate, he has been financing the corruption on both sides of the aisle until eight months ago.  Not much Christian fruit is evidenced here.

Ted Cruz has shown himself to be a David for the Christian community many times. Ted slew many Goliaths for the Christian community:

  • He has defended our religious liberties many times and won.
  • He has defended our religious liberties many times and won.
  • Defended life against partial birth abortion and won.
  • He has defended our Second Amendment rights and won
  • He has defended us against Amnesty for illegals and won.

Ted has fought in the belly of the furnace for the Church, and like Daniel’s friends in Babylon, also without the smell fire.

Ted is offering positions that support the family and Church:

  • A 10% Flat Income Tax, which frees families for tithes & offerings,
  • Strengthen freedom for the family and Church by eliminating oppressive alphabet soup of government agencies,
  • Defending the US and Israel against terrorism,
  • Restoring freedom in healthcare.
  • He has proven fruit.  A TRIED AND TRUE WINNER.

Several polls indicate that in a:

  • Head-to-head with Trump, Ted wins.
  • Head-to-head with Hillary, Ted wins.

We should be thankful that God has raised a man from among us with a civil servant’s heart.

Let’s be a non-divided house…show ”our love for one another.”

For the Blessings of His Liberty,

Raul Montes

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