MUST WATCH: Looking for a Vacation? What About Syria? It’s “Always Beautiful” [video]

Syria’s national tourism bureau is promoting the country as a safe and beautiful place to travel to for vacation.

The video shows panoramic shots of Tartus beaches (which are in close proximity to Russia’s permanent naval base) and people swimming and jet-skiing on the Mediterranean Sea.

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Wait. … Isn’t there a civil war going on in Syria?

How safe is it to travel there, let alone stay there?

The Syrian Tourism Board put out a press release defending the video, blaming the United States for any criticism of the country. The English statement is on its Facebook page:


Others commented as well, one commenter posted that 80 percent of Syria is safe, and that people who argue otherwise are “brainwashed.”

In response, one commentator  replied: “Yes, Russia, Iran, and Syria are the only countries that know everything and the other 190 countries are brainwashed and confused.”

syrian fb

The question remains: is Syria a good place to go on vacation?




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