MUST WATCH! Jeff Sessions Defends Donald Trump

Senator Jeff Sessions defends Donald Trump on a completely ludicrous accusation.

While the Democrats and the media try to restart the Cold War, Senator Jeff Sessions defends not just Trump but a true foreign policy stance that aims at protecting America.

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CNN is being stupendously hypocritical. They haven’t shown a tenth of the interest in Hillary’s Clinton Foundation corruption. And how is Trump’s refusal to charge into World War III with Russia more questionable than the Clintons’ love affair with Saudi royalty?

The other problem is that Donald Trump never asked Russia to “hack” anything. He asked them to find them. Sessions should have challenged the claim that he requested anyone to hack any computer.

As Ezra Levant points out, Russia is obligated by treaty to held the U.S. in law enforcement matters. There was nothing wrong with Donald Trump’s request!

Here’s the full interview with Jeff Sessions.

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