MUST WATCH: Is the Donald Trump Message Coherent? Yes!

The Donald Trump message is winning over voters, not just Donald Trump’s style or personality.

Is there a Donald Trump message? Or is he just a showman who attracts voters by being outrageous?

It is now becoming undeniably obvious, even in the mainstream press, that Donald Trump is running on the issues. The Hill even noted that he is now “hammering” Hillary on the issues, by staying disciplined in his speech.

Donald Trump hammered Hillary Clinton on trade and immigration at a rally in Michigan on Friday, as he made the case that Democrats’ policies have failed the black community.

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The speech was notable in that Trump used a teleprompter – something he’s done in the past for major policy addresses, but has rarely been seen at his massive rallies. He also used a prompter at Thursday’s rally in Charlotte, N.C., and the GOP nominee seems to be growing more comfortable reading from a screen.

Even more notable, when Trump went off script, the writer seemed to be even more impressed with his coherent, concise, summary of his principles:

The GOP nominee then broke from the teleprompter to personally address the crowd.

“I am your messenger … nothing more than your messenger,” he said. “It’s a message of strong defense, common sense, take care of our vets, great education, get rid of Common Core, great healthcare, get rid of ObamaCare, save our Second Amendment, which is under tremendous siege. Hillary Clinton is the defender of the status quo, or what we have.”

That is a pithy summary that shows Trump is about issues. And this fact isn’t really new.

Pat Buchanan wrote back in April:

Indeed, Trump’s victories, and the energies he has unleashed, are due, not only to his outsized persona but to his issues.

People believe Trump will secure the borders, halt the invasion, embrace tariff and trade policies to reduce imports, and restart the production of goods, Made in the USA, by and for Americans.

In his first inaugural, Woodrow Wilson said, “The success of a party means little except when the Nation is using that party for a large and definite purpose.”

Bush Republicans saw their “large and definite purpose” as creating a “New World Order” and “ending tyranny in our world.”

Trump seems to see repairing, rebuilding and restoring America to greatness as the “large and definite purpose” of the party he would lead. And a new emerging Republican majority seems to agree.

If Trump had been routed, as first expected, then his message could rightly have been regarded as outside the mainstream. But Republican voters rallied to the issues he raised.

Indeed, they did rally—in record-breaking numbers.

Here’s the full video of the rally:

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