Must Watch: Cuban Man Embarrasses Government; Disrupts May Day Parade by Waving American Flag!

My grandparents fled Cuba when my parents were very young, their families had been victims of Castro’s communist revolution and they chose an uncertain future in America rather than certain poverty and immoral government in Cuba. For their decision they were ostracized by their communities, they were forced to leave Cuba with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and they were cut off from their families for decades.


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Their children THRIVED. The first generation of our family born in the United States is filled with college graduates, Christian fathers and mothers, successful businessmen, loyal employees, community leaders, and proud Americans. Most of my grandparents generation has passed on now, but the legacy they built for their children remains and we, their descendants, are thankful and proud of the risks they took to secure better lives for us. Imagine that! They gave up everything the knew and worked long hours for many years knowing that they would likely not reap the rewards of their toil… but hoping that their children and their children’s children would. And we did. My grandfathers names were Ramon Coca and Mariano Gonzalez and I will forever be grateful for the sacrifices they made to ensure the wonderful opportunities that I have had and that my children enjoy.

Today is May 1st and in communist Cuba they still celebrate the horrible holiday known as May Day. A day when the “rights of workers” are remembered, but what should be remembered are the more than 100 MILLION Victims of socialism who died during the 20th century.

One man helped bring truth to Cuba’s May Day propaganda. One man was brave enough to risk everything to embarrass Cuba’s communist leaders and prove to the world that Cuba is just as despotic and hateful today as it was 10, 20, or 30 years ago.

During the May Day march one lone brave Cuban man broke away from the rest of the parade and began waving an American flag! The man sprinted out in front of the parade in full view of the cameras and the government officials (including tinpot dictator Raul Castro) before he was finally overrun by government security forces (who were all dressed as regular parade goers). The security team that tackled the man and carried him off could also be heard cheering Castro  because they know not to bite the hands of their corrupt masters.

I know that the symbolism may not mean much to many American who have known the peace, comfort, and safety of the United States their entire lives. But having heard the stories and oppression of Cuba for my entire life, seeing this brave man protest in such a beautiful way stirs my heartstrings and brings tears to my eyes.

My fellow Americans, please, please, please realize that there are billions of people living in the world today who find themselves without their inalienable, God-given rights. Billions who find themselves living as subjects to a corrupt government or to criminal leaders. Billions who suffer silent agonies as their humanity is not recognized and their lives are treated as refuse. There are billions who would give everything to enjoy the freedom that we deserve, for their sake, stop taking your citizenship so lightly! Cherish your freedom. Thank God for your good fortune. And fight for every inch in the battle of ideas, the culture wars, and the political skirmishes you face… because our nation and our culture is worth saving, and our children deserve the freedoms that we have so sadly squandered.

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