Must See Video: Why Aren’t Democrats Turning Out to Vote?

The numbers of Democrats turning out for their primaries in much smaller than the numbers of Republicans.

It is not often that I recommend a news commentary by Rachel Maddow. But the first half of this presentation is eye-opening:

That news video is about eleven days old.

According to the Washington Times yesterday, “GOP sets another turnout record, Democrats’ numbers slide.” In contrast to the record-breaking GOP turnout,

Democrats’ turnout has tumbled from its 2008 records in all three contests, including Saturday’s caucuses in Nevada. About 80,000 voters took part in the caucuses, which was 33 percent less than 2008’s level.

You can’t attribute the hundreds of thousands more coming to the three Republican primaries to Donald Trump. In Iowa that turnout worked in Ted Cruz’s favor.

Simply put, more people want to vote Republican than Democrat at this point.

In my opinion there is one explanation: Obamacare.

The president’s signature legislation is still demoralizing Democrats and galvanizing Republicans. That is what gave the Republicans the Senate in 2014 and it might give them the presidency.

If I am right, then it is significant that Bernie Sander’s “healthcare for all” isn’t working to attract voters. He is trying to tap into frustration over Obamacare but not enough people are delusional enough to think his program would be better.

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